Month: July 2011

Sensi Pearl Pleasing Professor

Sensi Pearl is a hot college student who wants to someday be the hot Professor. Planning to become a cougar takes specialized training, like becoming comfortable with sex in an office environment, so Sensi Pearl takes advantage of her advisor’s office to masturbate. This has become a regular ritual, seeing as how she plays with her pussy every chance she gets and is horny all the time. Today, she shows up for her special training wearing a lace back purple tank top and tiny little boy-shorts. The office is closed, but she’s got a key. She lets herself in and quickly begins to remove her clothing, letting the cool air and darkened room settle her. She’s becoming less nervous about these sessions, and the thrill of being caught is lessening, too.

Once she’s stripped down to just her lacy panties, Sensi Pearl begins to strut around the room a bit. She gathers her brunette locks into a soft up-sweep, presenting an air of authority she’ll one day have. This settles her final bit of nervousness, and she begins to imagine all the young men with hard cocks that she can fuck again and again. She imagines them coming in, waiting for her in this very lobby, anxious to see what they can do to improve their grades. “There’s always the option to do better in my class. But it will take a little extracurricular effort on your part,” she practices advising her imaginary future students. “I have a special assignment in mind for you, but you’ll have to work very hard and take every precaution to ensure that I am pleased with the final result.”

Sensi Pearl tingles as the scenario plays out in her mind. Tall, young students who will sit in this very room, like she is today, full of anxious unnameable desire. This really gets Sensi Pearl excited! She pulls the lacy panties from her hips, casting them aside, and settles her tight teen body onto the cool leather sofa. The sharp contrast of the leather against her warm pussy is delightful, and she begins to rub her slit with her fingertips. She doesn’t have a toy with her today, so she teases and strokes at her tight teen pussy until she cums, her sweet teen cream dripping onto the couch. Tossing her hair, Sensi Pearl sighs with pleasure. “Feeling triumphant is the best way to close a climax.” Have a thing for future cougars? Want to see Sensi Pearl getting all the action she desires, and so much more? Visit, where our office is never closed, and neither are the legs of our teen models.

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Maryjane Johnson Sweet Teen Model

Maryjane Johnson looks super sweet in her white eyelet lace dress. She’s wearing the diamond cross her parents gave her, but what they don’t know is that she is quite a sexual devil. “I had sex in my mom’s bed one time. I’d never admit to her what he and I did in her bed, but it was one of the most incredible nights I’ve ever had!” She met with us for the shoot just after church. “I told my mom that I was going for a walk with my boyfriend. He’ll be here later, but I think my career as a model has to come first at some time.” Her blue eyes dazzle in the afternoon sunlight, and Maryjane Johnson’s smile indicates just how eager to please this sweet teen really is.

Pulling down the straps of her cotton sundress, Mayjane Johnson is very happy to show off her tiny teen titties. “I love the feel of sunlight and the slight breeze against my skin! Sex is a natural thing, so displaying my sexuality in a natural setting just feels right.” Her lean teen torso is graced with a red peacock feather just above her hip, and her sundress is barely staying on. She tries to keep her dress up, concealing her full nudity, by posing with hand on hip. We’re all dying to know what a good girl like Maryjane Johnson wears under a dress like that, if anything at all. Her white sundress slips further and further down her hips before slinking down her thighs. Surprise! She’s wearing nothing beneath her dress.

I think I really want to be a Buddhist when I grow up,” she reveals, sitting in a partial lotus position, the backs of her hands resting upon her knees. “I love to be out in nature, meditating. Like, getting as close to nature as possible. I think that wearing clothes is just putting a barrier between myself and god.Maryjane Johnson has no shame, but why should she? Her lean form is so youthful, matching her spirit and her innate curiosity. She keeps her sweet teen pussy shaved bare for the same reason- she is proud of the way she’s made, delighting in every sensory way she can experience pleasure. “It’s funny, some girls like the thrill of having sex in church. But I’d rather have sex right here in the orange grove!” Like your sweet teens au natural? Prefer your models to get down and dirty with you in the middle of the wilderness, or any time the fancy strikes? Have your sweet teens anyway you like them, but only on

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Bella Anne Bends Over

Bella Anne is a hot and horny blonde babe who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. She works hard, both as a banker and a teen model, so that she can buy nice things. “I just love coming home to see all the things I have earned.” But Bella Anne doesn’t have a retail addiction. She spends her hard earned dough on her body in the form of piercings, tattoos, and pampering in general. “I love to get my nails done! I like them long because I love to scratch them down a guy’s back.” Bella Anne is a true beauty, too, which she’s not shy to show. Pulling off her black panties, Bella knows how to make us feel right at home.

Bella shows off just how much she’s willing to sacrifice for beauty- she’s waxed clean from the neck down. Not a hair in sight. “I think that women should be beautiful to look at and to feel. You can’t be sexy with stubble all over your body. A woman should feel like silk, and dress in silk, too.” Her peachy teen twat looks as sweet as the fruit as Bella continues posing. “I love to be eaten! But not always 69. I like to just feel the pleasure for me, alone.” Bella’s big teen titties jiggle as she giggles, her nipples harden as she flashes the camera. “I wonder if it would feel different to have another woman eat me.”

I have often fantasized about a threesome, but I am too shy to ask. I have never been into girls growing up, but I am starting to wonder more and more about trying.” But Bella Anne doesn’t strike us as being shy. She bends over her entertainment stand to give us the real show: her full, round ass perfectly arced for a doggy-style pounding, and her sweet teen twat slick with excitement. She peeks around to the rear to gauge our level of excitement. “Do you think I would enjoy eating pussy while a hard cock was buried in me from behind, like this?” You betcha! And we’d love to show you! Log into today for more of beautiful Bella Anne, or choose from thousands of lusty teen babes just eager to try new things with you.

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Sensi Pearl Self Pleasing

Sensi Pearl loves to masturbate. “I do it at least twice a day. It feels so good!” She’s home alone for a few hours between her summer college classes and work at the club tonight, and she takes full advantage of the privacy. She’s stripped off all of her clothes except for her thigh high striped socks. “I get so hot fucking myself, but my feet seem to always be cold,” she giggles, bending over the arm of the couch. Sensi Pearl wastes no time, either, in getting her sexual release. Her silver tipped fingers head straight to her tender pink lips, sliding them up and down the full length of her pussy, distributing her sweet juice all over. As she works her body into a good hot state of arousal, Shel decides she’s going to need more than fingers to get the job done this afternoon.

Tossing her brunette locks over her shoulder, she reaches behind the couch cushions to retrieve her hot pink vibrator. “Oops, I guess I left it here this morning. Good thing, too, because I need it right now.” Rolling onto her back, she relaxes into the low vibration speed of her toy, letting the walls of her tight teen pussy quiver with pleasure as she recalls the night she spent with her new lover, taking it hard from the biggest dick she’s ever had. “I wonder if he’ll be there tonight?” she ponders, knowing she’ll work her pussy well enough to take him again. Sensi opens her legs wide, pulling open her lips to feel the toy’s vibrations penetrate her a little deeper. She runs her toy a few more long strokes against her clit before finally plunging the toy into her tingling, wet pussy.

I need it deeper,” she moans, and gets onto all fours so she can change the direction and increase the depth. The ruffled lips of her labia have turned rosy pink with excitement, glistening with wet as she pushes her dildo deeper and faster. She turns up the speed, working her toy with much expertise until she climaxes. She leaves the motor running on her battery operated boyfriend through the closing waves of her climax. “An orgasm a day keeps the body at play.” Her daily cumming exercise always leaves her energized, feeling sexy, and ready to make a fortune in tips at the bar. Like the way Sensi Pearl plays? Want to see more? Check out Sensi Pearl’s hardcore debut, as well as more teen model masturbation, exclusively at

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Maryjane Johnson Sybian Rider

Maryjane Johnson arrives for her shoot wearing a vest and cute, plaid miniskirt. She’s vibrant and full of energy, just like we prefer our teens to be! “I love modeling! And I was told there would be a special surprise for me today.” Sure enough, we’d installed one of the best sex toys ever invented- the Sybian. “Oh, my god! I’ve hear about these before, and I can’t wait to try it!” she gushes when we reveal her prop. She starts stripping immediately, showing her true excitement to try riding the Sybian. “I’ve heard about them, but I don’t know anyone who actually owns one. This is amazing!Maryjane Johnson smiles as sweetly as a kid in a candy store while she gets ready to play.

She removes her top, baring her sweet teen titties, showing off a few of her new tattoos, too. Her long, athletic legs look even hotter straddling the Sybian while she strikes a few poses for the camera. “You know why I prefer toys over the real thing sometimes?” she asks. “Because sometimes guys think they know everything about girls; you know, what they like and what they want. But in reality, those are usually the guys who don’t have the first clue. That is such a turn-off. I like toys because I know I can get it exactly the way I want it. Plus, you don’t have to teach it anything. Toys just do their job.” Stripping down to just her bare, beautiful self, Maryjane Johnson declares, “I’m so ready to try this thing!”

This will be my first time riding a Sybian,” She declares, excitement quivering in her voice. She straddles the rounded edges of the base with her lean teen thighs gripping as she lowers herself onto the cock. It slips so easily and deeply into her wet pussy, and Maryjane Johnson picks up the controller. switching it on. “Mmm, that feels really good!” Adjusting the dials, she experiments with the vibrational speeds, giving herself a few moments per increase to appreciate the new sensations. She rides through each wave of pleasure, allowing the head of her new toy to tickle different parts of her sweet teen meat, blue eyes bright with pleasure. “I love this thing!” she cries out as the Sybian coaxes her to climax. Want to watch Maryjane Johnson hit the top, again and again, atop this tremendous toy? Catch more of this teen model in action only on

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Bella Anne Hot and Horny

Bella Anne is a sweet teen model who would rather be naked than to wear the suit her job at the bank requires. As soon as she gets home in the afternoon, Bella Anne strips down to the bare minimum. This afternoon, she’s wearing a sheer blue leopard print thong as she spreads out on her bed. “There are so many hot guys where I work. I like when men are clean cut, wearing suits and behaving like gentlemen. I fantasize about them all day, so I am usually very horny by the time I get home.” Bella Anne alternately rubs her full breasts and runs her fingers through her long blonde hair. “Usually, I am dripping wet with excitement before I even leave the bank,” she giggles.

Laying down upon her fluffy pillows, Bella Anne throws her long, tight teen legs into the air and begins slipping her panties off. As she strips, several of her tattoos are nicely displayed against her creamy skin. The youthful peach shade of her pussy lips also shows. Her tight teen twat is just begging for some satisfaction. “Some of my older coworkers think it’s silly that I wear such frilly panties under my suit, but I just want to be prepared for the day one of my male coworkers takes my flirty winks seriously and takes me into the vault.” For a girl who’s got a soft spot for romance, she takes her desires seriously!

I masturbate at least once a day, and my favorite toy is this chrome and nubby vibrator.” Bella Anne wields her toy like a knife, flicking bright glints of daylight across the room. With a smile as sweet as sugar, there is a flinty hardness to this teen on fire with desire. Curves in all the right places and a healthy, hot and horny desire, who wouldn’t want to make a few deposits into this sweet teen creamer? Find out how Bella Anne is built to take you as she pleasures herself with her toy. Get exclusive access to Bella Anne’s biography, premium video footage, and all the hot blonde desire you can handle, exclusively at

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Sensi Pearl Stretched-out Hardcore

Sensi Pearl gets more than she bargained for after work tonight. He’s been coming in for several weeks, and she’s been hot for him. He finally convinces her to go home with him tonight, promising her a really big tip, and she can’t believe her good fortune to meet a hot older guy who meets her requirement of being taller than 6′. He wasn’t joking when he said he’d give her a big tip, either. His cock is bigger than her mouth, but Sensi loves to give head, so she does her best to open wide and take as much of his head into her mouth as possible. He places his hand on the back of her hair, encouraging her to take it deeper into her mouth, and she does! Her pussy gets so wet sucking on her new lover’s cock, she won’t need him to eat her- she’s ready.

Sensi Pearl pushes him back onto his couch and sways her teen ass in front of him. He takes her by the hips, pulling her wet teen pussy closer to his big, throbbing cock. She mounts him, first sitting directly on his lap, and eventually realizing she’ll have to open her legs as wide as possible to take his cock deeper into her tight teen pussy. She spreads wide in reverse cowgirl, giving her a little more control over the depth of his thrusts. He hits the top of her twat so easily, pushing with much satisfaction as the walls of her pussy squeeze against his shaft. He fucks her until she cums for him, spreading her sweet teen cream all over his shaft. But he wants to see if she can take him deeper now that he’s got her warmed up.

He lays Sensi Pearl down onto the red couch. The fabric is soft against her silky skin, but she’s only going to get it hard tonight. Laying behind her, he pushes his huge cock back into her swollen pussy, stretching her open with the head, teasing her. He lifts her leg high into the air so that they both can watch him fuck her. She feels so good, her pussy wrapped like a vise around his cock, and soon he starts pushing deeper into her, faster and fuller strokes as he works up to his own climax. Sensi Pearl has never had a cock this big, and the pain intermingles with the pleasure so that she cums in a way she’s never climaxed before. From now on, she’ll crave big cock. Like a tight fit around your cock? Watch Sensi Pearl take it all in the exclusive live footage of her hardcore debut, only on

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Tess Take Charge Teen

Tess takes a few moments to look over her new studio. Topless, she lets the cool air of the studio stimulate her tiny teen titties. She takes a few moments to rub her hardened nipples before surveying the remaining space. Standing behind her glass and steel design desk, Tess is the sexiest corporate babe in all of Czechoslovakia, and perhaps, the world. She’s got stunning, dark eyes and thick, chestnut hair and her exotic appeal is further heightened by the gypsy skirt she’s worn as a dress.

She loves how the lightweight fabric twirls around against her bare skin (Tess goes commando as often as possible), and the easy access she can afford to her lover. When Tess wants her pleasure, she wants it immediately.

Just the other day Tess had made Industrial lingerie with black electrical tape. But that’s not the only sexual decoration Tess uses to inspire her fashion design. Mounted to the underside of the steel and glass design desk is a cleverly concealed bit of exhibition art: a clear glass dildo. Admiring her cleverly concealed toy, Tess can’t help but imagine having her lover strapped and splayed under the table, fucking herself with the dildo while Tess got to watch from the top side. An exhibitionist act, such as that, would definitely remind Tess to keep the harder sex appeal in her clothing line. Tess often considers how much her lover can take, but she’d never trust what she was told. Tess wants her lovers to prove it. Tess may be a little sadistic in her sexuality, but she makes such a sweet picture in white lace panties, imparting the impression that she has a softer side.

Tess is pleased with the overall renovations of the studio. As she stands behind her design desk, Tess soaks in both the soft mid-morning light framing her statuesque figure, as well as the growing sense of authority she’ll soon wield. Her clothing line is the epitome of exhibition and power, two sources of stimulation that she believes every woman should strive to attain. Tess believes in crossing the lines between fantasy and fashion, desire and control. She wants all women to become goddesses in their own right, only to then become nubile, submissive sex slaves. Like when young women take charge? Tell you exactly how to please them, how to play the game by their rules? Then Tess is the teen for you! Become subject to her sexy authority, exclusively at

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Proxy Paige Sexy Skater Girl

Proxy Paige is looking hot as she gets ready to go into the Skate Shop for a few volunteer shift hours before heading out to the bar. “Now that I’m 21, I spend a lot of time at the bars. I meet a lot of guys there. New guys, older guys. It’s a lot of fun!” She’s wearing her favorite cheetah print fuzzy hat and matching cut-off gloves, tan tank top, super short miniskirt, and black strappy sandals. “They say that sex sells, and it totally does! I sell more boards than any of the guys, and I’m not even an employee there any more. I just love the game, ya know? Plus, the little kickbacks I get pay for my new hobby- getting my body pierced.”

We asked how many piercings she has, and Proxy Paige was more than happy to show us all of them. “I pierced my lip first. Then my nose, and I got my nipples done on the same day.” Proxy lifts her tank to reveal her tiny teen titties, glinting in the afternoon light atop each of her breasts. “Lots of girls pierce their belly-buttons, but that’s lame. I used to have my clit pierced, and I totally recommend it!” Unzipping her skirt, Proxy shows no scars in her belly-button, eventually removing her skirt entirely so we could see the lip she’d once had bejeweled.

Holding us captive with liquid bronze eyes framed with a thick fringe of platinum blonde hair, Proxy reveals more than just her sweet teen body. There is a softer side to Proxy Paige than her lifestyle would imply. Slowly tugging off her leopard print panties, Proxy’s blonde bush is tidy and trimmed. “I don’t think girls should be bald. Ya know? I was with a girl who was shaved clean, and it was weird. A little hair helps keep you in place when you’re eating pussy, especially when you close your eyes ’cause it tastes so sweet. I prefer guys trimmed, too.” Find out more about Proxy Paige’s preferences in the member’s area at, and take home more inspiration from this bodaciously brazen, super sexy skater girl.

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Stesha Sweet Tanned Teen

Stesha is a beautiful blonde teen with real ambition, She’s modeling to earn enough money to open her own salon. “Women should always be beautiful,” so goes her philosophy. “If women are beautiful to look at, they get so much more out of life and their experiences.” From the pink, glossy lips of babes! Stesha takes her own beauty rituals seriously: she’s coiffed and waxed, tanned and toned. “Pampering makes a woman feel good, and pampering includes beautiful lingerie.” Stesha only wears the finest, designer undergarments, like her favorite pink panties and demi cup bra. A little bit of black ribbon trim makes her really look like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

Slowly stripping her bra and panties from her tight teen body, Stesha reveals that she has not a tan line in sight. “In my spa, women will be free to bare everything. Every part of the body should be pampered and properly manicured. Clothes interfere with that process.” She toussels her platinum blonde hair and casts come hither looks with her lusciously fringed and unusual grey-green eyes. Stesha’s personal favorite body part is her chest- she’s got full breasts and sweet rosebud nipples. But that’s just the icing on the cake for us. Stesha’s got some serious curves belied by her toned arms and flat abs. “That way, women will feel more comfortable embracing their sexuality at home. I believe in only pleasure, all the time.”

To illustrate her point, Stesha begins to run her hands over her body, reveling in the silky texture of her skin. Her fingers find their way, naturally, to her sweet teen pussy, and she begins to massage her bare clit with her manicured fingertips. From the slight 5 o’clock shadow she’s grown above her pussy, you can tell that Stesha is a natural blonde. Her pink pussy lips begin to swell with excitement as she strokes herself, legs spread wide and invitingly. The inner light of desire and pleasure never leaves her eyes as she arches her back with each stroke. Want to see a beauty queen cream herself? Wouldn’t you love to participate in this daily ritual of pampering herself? Get exclusive access to Stesha, as well as thousands of tremulous teens, only on

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