Month: December 2011

Alisa Cage Kitchen Play

Alisa Cage was looking drop dead sexy for this naughty photo session in the kitchen. She was dressed to impress in her smoking hot, black leather cat woman costume. The eighteen year old hottie from Russia acted the part perfectly, swinging her black tail and purring like a horny sex kitten. The leather costume zipped up the front and skimmed the top of her nice legs which looked even nicer in the high-heeled, black ankle boots she wore. Alisa’s jet black hair that fell down her back in soft waves contrasted beautifully with her pearly white skin. Alisa stood in the kitchen giving the camera her best ‘fuck me‘ eyes. She had every male on the set drooling over her and watching her every sensual move. When Alisa reached down unzip her costume, I swear I heard jaws hit the floor.

Alisa wore nothing underneath her costume so when she slipped it all the way off she was left standing there naked in only her ankle boots and black leather gloves. Alisa slithered down to the floor, still playing the part of cat woman. She got down on her hands and knees and arched her back, showing off her amazing ass in perfect doggy style position. Then Alisa turned up the heat a little more by reaching both hands back to spread her nice ass open wide. She looked up to give the camera a naughty smile and spread herself open even more. Her shaved pussy everything else was on full display. "This is the perfect anal position isn’t it?" Alisa said laughing mischievously. Again I heard jaws hit the floor.

Alisa got up off of the floor then and crawled up onto the counter top. Giving the camera the full frontal shot from this angle. "I think tan lines are so sexy." Alisa said after looking down to check herself out. "Don’t you?" They were definitely sexy on her but then again, what wasn’t? Alisa smiled and spread her legs open wide enough to rest one on each side of the counter. Then she reached under one leg to spread her horny pussy open and show off how hot and pink it was inside her. See even more of Alisa Cage right now at

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Ebbi Mini Skirt Babe

Ebbi is a fresh faced eighteen year old hottie from Russia who liked playing dress up as a little girl and today she is still playing dress up and playing ‘undress’ for the cameras. "I really love buying sexy new outfits and modeling them for the camera." Ebbi tells us, "But I like stripping my sexy outfits off even more." In this photo shoot Ebbi debuted her new white mini skirt with turquoise beading and matching white bikini top. She definitely looked sexy with the white material against her tanned skin, baring her flat muscular stomach, and her light brown hair hanging in loose waves around her shoulders.

Ebbi did her thing, posing this way and that, smiling and laughing as the camera snapped and flashed away, capturing her every move. As she loosened up, Ebbi started talking about some of her fun sexual habits. "I can be a really naughty girl sometimes." Ebbi said. "I like masturbating in the shower. Using the shower head as a toy is really a beautiful thing." Ebbi said, giggling girlishly. As she spoke she ran her hands over her hot body, from her neck, over her breasts, down her flat tummy, and over her sexy hips.

Ebbi began peeling off the white mini skirt until it fell to the floor around her ankles. She was wearing a pair of white cotton panties. Ebbi then reached up to untie her bikini top. With her blue eyes directed on the camera lens, Ebbi let the top fall to the floor, exposing her small and perky tits. She twisted her nipples, making them hard, and then ran her hands down to hook them into the side of her panties. She teased the camera, almost flashing her pussy but not showing the whole package just yet. Watch as Ebbi gets full naked and more, only at

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Jessie Rogers Sheer Lingerie

Jessie Rogers is originally from Brazil but was raised in California-and it shows. What is it about those Brazilian girls? Almost every female from Brazil seems to be drop dead gorgeous. And Jessie is the perfect example. She is eighteen years old and sweet as can be. Beautiful with a great personality to go with her amazing looks. It doesn’t get much better than that. Her long blonde curls hung down past her shoulders and her skin was the perfect shade of golden bronze. She was dressed up in pink and green lingerie that you could almost see through. It teased the eye by giving glimpses of her pink nipples.

Jessie started off her strip tease by turning around and showing off her amazingly nice ass in the sheer lace panties. Slowly she slid the panties over her incredible curves and displayed her sexy tan lines. It looked like she had been tanning in the tiniest bikini known to man. Her ass was definitely a perfect ten in my book. Just the right shape and size. The kind of ass that gives you the uncontrollable urge to spank it. Jessie tossed her mane of blonde curls over her shoulder and turned to give the camera a sultry look. She looked smoking hot and knew it which seemed to give her even more sex appeal. The panties dropped to the floor and Jessie reached up to untie her top.

When her top fell to the floor, Jessie turned around to show off the full frontal shot. Her small tits were perky and sexy and displayed another set of tiny tan lines. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and was, like the rest of her body, perfect. Jessie sat down on the side of the bath tub and leaned back against the mirrored wall, which made it look like there was two of her-every man’s fantasy! Then Jessie started spreading legs open slowly, exposing all the hotness between her legs. See more of the beautiful Jessie Rogers now, only at

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Alisa Cage Toy Play

Alisa Cage is a sexy eighteen year old from Russia. The brunette babe enjoys cooking, ice skating, and music. And in this particular photo shoot, Alisa enjoyed dressing her hot self up like a sexy zebra. Zebra print stockings with black garters attached to a zebra print strapless top. The lingerie made her look wild and sexy. Something about animals prints. It is definitely a fetish. "Yes, actually I think I do have a fetish for animal prints!" Alisa exclaimed when asked. "Zebra prints, leopard prints, cheetah prints, anything like that I think is hot." Alisa certainly looked hot in her zebra print ensemble but I had a feeling Alisa was about to look even hotter once she started taking the zebra print outfit off.

First, Alisa pulled down her top and let her full pair of round tits pop out the top. Then she peeled the top all the way off and lounged in her chair, topless, showing off her pearly white skin. Alisa then draped her legs over the arms of the chair and began peeling off her zebra print panties. Her exposed pussy was completely shaved. Alisa spread her legs open wide and leaned back in the chair with a sensual look on her pretty face. Then she reached down and started peeling off one of the zebra print stockings.

Alisa tossed the discarded stocking over an arm of the chair. Then she got up to reposition herself in the doggy style position. "This is my all time favorite position." Alisa said. She then stuck her nice round booty up in the air and arched her back erotically. Then she produced a green toy from somewhere in the chair. With a naughty smile on her face, Alisa reached down to touch the toy to her horny pussy. "I’m already all wet." She said giggling. Watch Alisa get herself even more wet, only at

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Ebbi Hardcore Model

Eighteen year old Ebbi from Russia has always wanted to model and she has been doing it for a few years now. But now that she has turned eighteen, Ebbi is interested in more nude and sexually explicit modeling. And with her exotic good looks, photographers were lining up around the block to shoot the blue eyed beauty in the nude. Lucky for us, Ebbi is not only stripping down for us in this photo and video shoot but she is also getting down and dirty with a boy toy of her’s. Watch as Ebbi smiles and begins posing in a pink short skirt and a white belly shirt that ties in the front. She spreads her legs open to the camera and reaches down to touch herself, both expertly and seductively.

Ebbi stood up then and continued her strip tease by rubbing her hands all over her hot body and swaying her sexy hips back and forth. Her long, light brown hair tumbled down her back in soft waves as she moved her body slowly and seductively. She directed her blue eyes on the camera lens and reached one hand up to her white top. She then peeled it down, exposing one of her full breasts and hard nipple. You could see in her eyes that Ebbi knew exactly what she was doing and that she had definitely mastered the art of seduction in her eighteen years of life.

Ebbi untied her top and let it drop to the floor, fully exposing her pair of round and perky breasts above a muscular, tanned tummy. Ebbi’s boy-toy then walked on to the set and Ebbi beckoned him over. He took her by the waist and bent his head down to lick her already hard nipples. When his hand started caressing her thigh and moving it up her skirt Ebbi couldn’t help moaning softly. See just how hot and heavy these two get in this hardcore sex scene only at

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Sasha Hall In Socks

Sasha Hall was looking cute as could be in an outfit that consisted of a pink t-shirt, white cotton briefs, pink and white striped, knee-high socks, and pink sneakers. She posed in front of a baby pink painted wall that matched her ensemble perfectly. The nineteen year old sweet heart likes to relax by laying out by the pool and perfecting her sun tan. "Making sure my whole body is the perfect color of bronze is how I like to spend my free time. It could almost be a full time job for me." Sasha says laughing at herself which is a very sexy quality in my opinion. A girl that can laugh at herself is a girl with a great sense of humor. And Sasha Hall has a lot more going for her than a great sense of humor. Hot body, gorgeous face, and of course, perfectly tan skin.

Sasha didn’t spend a whole lot of time in her outfit. As soon as she was in front of the camera, she began stripping off her pink t-shirt and exposing her perky pair of small tits. As soon as the t-shirt was off Sasha started peeling off the white panties. She turned around to give the camera a nice shot of her curvy bare ass. Sasha was now full naked except for the white knee socks and pink sneakers which made her legs look especially hot. Sasha flashed her dazzling white smile and continued striking sexy poses as the camera flashed away.

Sasha then turned around to show the camera her hot pussy which was completely shaved bald. When she climbed up on a high bar stool and started straddling it the camera man requested that she spread her hot pussy open for the camera and of course Sasha was happy to do as he asked. So with both hands, Sasha slowly spread herself open and gave us the full view of her hot pinkness. See how hot this photo set is for yourself right now, only at

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Keithy Angel In White

British hottie, Keithy from the United Kingdom, turned up the heat in this incredibly sexy photo shoot of the blonde babe dressed up in a gorgeous white silk dress and matching white, high-heeled sandals. The clean white material looked amazing against Keithy’s bronzed skin and it also made Keithy look sweet and innocent and almost virginal. That is, until she pulled the dress up to her thighs and straddled the back of a chair. She was not wearing panties underneath the dress and the contrast was pure sexiness. "I am definitely not a virgin!" Keithy said as she pulled the dress up higher to show off her curvy, bare ass. "I lost my virginity at seventeen and I never looked back!"

Keithy slid the straps of the dress off her shoulders one by one and let her perky tits pop out the top. Then she walked around to the front of the chair and turned so that her nice ass faced the camera. She hiked the dress up higher so that it rested on top of her bare ass. Then she climbed onto the chair and bent over, giving us an up-the-skirt view of everything between her legs. Her pink pussy was completely shaved and looked completely fuckable in the position Keithy was in. Her legs were up in the air with her ankles crossed. She turned to the camera and smiled sweetly.

Keithy slid off the chair and stood up in front of it. She peeled the dress down below her sexy hips and let it fall to the floor. Naked, her tan skin glowed in the sun light that was shining into the room. Keithy reached down to pick the white dress up off the floor and carefully hung on the back of the chair. "I want it to stay white." She explained smiling. Then she got down on her knees and spread her legs open wide. See the rest of this super hot photo shoot, only at

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Frida In Uniform

Frida is the twenty-year-old hottie from the United Kingdom. The brunette beauty got her hot self all dressed up in a super sexy school girl costume which consisted of a red and black plaid mini-skirt, tight white top and a matching red and black plaid tie. She wore a pair of red heels to make her super sexy outfit completely perfect. Oh, and how could I forget the matching red thong Frida wore underneath her mini-skirt? I really love the naughty school girl look, something about it is just smoking hot. I guess you could say it is a fetish of mine and I know I’m not the only one. "School girl costumes are definitely a fetish to me." Frida said as she admired her appearance in the dressing room mirror. She looked crazy hot and she knew it. "Okay, I’m ready." Frida announced after smoothing down her long brown hair one last time. "Let’s get this party started!"

Frida posed provocatively in front of a black dresser and a large picture of Paris. She pulled up her skirt and showed off her nice ass in the red thong. Then she turned to face the camera and started removing the white top. She had beautiful tanned skin and a washboard ab’d stomach. Now topless, except for the plaid tie that hung between her full breasts, Frida showed off her exposed flesh by caressing her nice tits and running her hands down her flat stomach, finally resting them on her curvy hips. She gave the camera her most dazzling smile. It was obvious how much Frida loved the spot light as she rocked sexy her hips back and forth in an extremely tantalizing strip tease.

"Something about dressing up in a school girl costume makes you want to strip the costume right off!” Frida said with a girly giggle. "Seriously though, every time I wear this costume I just feel like being a very naughty girl." And with that, Frida let the skirt drop to the floor around her ankles. The she peeled the red thong down, exposing her shaved pussy. When the thong fell around her ankles as well, she stepped out of the discarded clothing and kicked them aside. Standing there naked except for her red heels, Frida looked ten times hotter than she had seconds before in the school girl costume. She lowered her naked body to the floor and sprawled out, legs parted, looking hotter than ever. See what other tempting positions Frida gets her hot self into, only at

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Sasha Hall’s Big Toy

The beautiful, nineteen year old Sasha Hall was getting ready for another day of fun and sun in the gorgeous California sunshine when she was suddenly distracted by a new toy she was sent in the mail by a secret admirer. Sasha left the pile of clothes she had been going through and walked across her bedroom in the nude. She picked up the dildo and examined it with interest. She sat down on the floor, picked up her bottle of lube, and started lathering up the toy, getting it all wet from top to bottom. Sasha was an extremely beautiful girl with long dark hair, tanned skin, and a tight body. The sight of her lubing up a big dildo was really quite a sight to see. Sasha flashed a dazzling smile when she was finished and admired her work.

Slowly, Sasha opened up her legs, exposing her shaved, pink pussy. She lowered the dripping wet toy and brought it down past her pierced belly button and star tattoo, between her sexy thighs, slowly touching it to her clit. She teased herself by rubbing it against clit very slowly and softly at first. Sasha loved to masturbate. It was one of her favorite things to do. She did it at least once a day, sometimes even twice. She closed her eyes and fantasized. She imagined that the toy was Daniel Craig’s cock and soon she was rubbing herself harder and faster.

Sasha was getting really worked up now. She felt her pussy becoming more and more wet as she rubbed herself harder and harder. Soon, Sasha was so horny and wet that she had to get on all fours to get a better reach on herself. She inserted the toy into her tight, wet pussy from behind. It felt so good that Sasha couldn’t stop the moans of pleasure from escaping from her lips. She arched her back and stuck her round ass up into the air and continued to bang herself. Watch Sasha get herself all the way off, only at

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Toying Blonde Keithy

Twenty year old Keithy is a hot blond from the UK. She was a cheerleader in high school and she still likes to work out as much as possible to keep her hot body in top shape. "I really enjoy getting naked and showing off my body." Keithy tells us, "Especially when I work hard to keep it looking hot." Keithy probably doesn’t have to work that hard to keep herself looking hot though. She has one of those bodies that are just naturally sexy. All tight, smooth, and tan skin everywhere. Full pair of breasts, flat stomach with a pierced belly button, long sexy legs. Keithy is definitely a hottie with a body especially in this set of sexually explicit photos that display Keithy posing in nothing but a pair of multi colored knee-high socks.

Keithy leaned back against the lounge chair as the camera started snapping away. She slowly started to run her hand down her body; over her breasts and down her stomach, while at the same time, slowly spreading her legs open wide. She ran a finger from her pierced naval to her shaved pussy. She drew little circles above her clit with one finger, teasing herself and the camera. She started giggling. "That tickles." She explained which actually made her giggle more. She leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and reached her hand down once again. This time she didn’t giggle though. She started rubbing her clit hard and fast until she could feel herself becoming hot and moist. Then she started moaning with pleasure.

Keithy reached her hand underneath one of her legs to get a better reach on herself. Her legs were spread open wide in a super flexible position. Keithy then slipped a finger into the silky wetness between her thighs. Her moans became louder and louder as she continued to finger bang her wet pussy. You could see that she was getting closer and closer to a huge orgasm. See it for yourself as Keithy gets herself all worked up in this smoking hot photo set and more, only at

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