Month: August 2012

Carmen Monet Crotchless Stockings

Adventurous in all aspects of life, especially the bedroom, 20 year old Carmen Monet loves to dress up in clothes that leave her feeling incredibly sexy. The ensemble she has put together for our photo shoot today is outrageous in all of the best ways. With a tight white tube top propping up her medium sized tits and a pair of white crotchless fishnet stockings leading the way to her killer high heels, this surfer girl captivates everyone in the room immediately. “I wanted to be pretty and naughty in white today. Do you think it’s too much?”

We assure Carmen that there’s no such thing as too much as far as her long lithe body is concerned! She still seems a little bit uncertain. “I think it is too much. Maybe I should lose the top…” Before we can tell her how much we love seeing her boobs propped into awesome cleavage, she strips the tube top over her head. Turning around to let her all natural tits hang down, she thrusts her round ass in the air to show off how open and accessible her stockings leave her.

When Carmen hooks her thumbs into the band of her stockings and looks like she might remove them, we beg her to leave them on for the rest of the shoot. “I was hoping that you’d really love these. Let me show you why they’re amazing to wear beneath a dress if you want to get naughty in public.” Grabbing a little glass dildo that we hadn’t even noticed, Carmen leans back and spreads her legs to reveal her juicy shaved pussy. “This could easily fit in a purse to use anywhere…” Sliding the cool dildo tip back and forth across her dripping twat, she gives us a smile that lets us know how good it feels. You can watch Carmen tease and flirt until she can’t wait any longer to make herself cum in high resolution pictures and video, only at

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Lily Naughty Kitchen Masturbate

Tall, slim, and perfectly proportioned, 23 year old Lily is nothing short of gorgeous. We can’t help but be excited to work with her, especially when we discover that she is just as sweet in person as she looks. In fact, this lovely lady actually has an old fashioned streak that makes her even more appealing once we start chatting. “I’m actually pretty family oriented. I love kids and can’t wait to have some of my own someday,” she says as she hops up on the kitchen counter and swings her feet in a gesture that shows off the long lean length of her legs. When Lily runs her small hands up her flat belly and drags her tank top up to her little boobs, we have a hard time deciding which part of her to stare at!

Lily seems determined to give us an impressive show now that she knows she has our full attention. Sliding her tank top over her head and then wriggling out of her little green shorts, she stands before us with clear pride in her gorgeous body. “There’s still a long time before I have kids, though, and I want to have as much fun as I can until then…” It’s surprisingly hard to focus on having a conversation with Lily when she’s showing off such a perfect expanse of pale smooth skin!

Cupping her all natural tits in her hands, Lily plumps them to show off the valley of her cleavage and her small perky nipples. We love the way her little areolas pebble with excitement right before our eyes. Her boobs are wonderful to look at, but several members of the shoot can’t help that their eyes are drawn down to the pink lips of Lily’s shaved pussy that peak out between her thighs. She slides a hand down to cup her juicy slit, teasing us. “You like looking at this? Let me show you more, then.” Climbing back onto the counter, Lily slides her legs apart to show off her dripping wet twat. We watch with anticipation as her hand returns to her soft lips and her fingers seek out her horny clit to start massaging it. You can find Lily’s whole high quality shoot right now only at, home of all of the freshest hot faces on the web.

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Lauren Lace Hot Tight Pants

In order to keep her stunning figure, Czech beauty Lauren Lace needs to put in some time at the gym every week. “I used to play tennis and that kept me in pretty good shape, but these days it’s just easier to work out at the gym. I meet a lot of cute guys there, too!” When we ask Lauren if we could shoot her after one of her workouts, she seems happy to go along with our request. She shows up after a stint at the gym dressed in a sexy loose halter top and black spandex leggings so tight that they reveal everything about her incredible body. I think every man on the set fell in love at that moment as we all stared at her amazing ass!

Laughing and smiling, Lauren teases us by wiggling her luscious butt in a spontaneous dance move. We can’t tear our eyes off of her, and Lauren takes advantage. Turning around, she pulls her halter top down to reveal her round perky tips. There is no bra in sight, either! Her nipples stiffen to twin peaks as we gaze at her and snap plenty of pictures. “I never realized I could feel sexy after I’ve worked up a sweat, but isn’t that the whole goal of sex?”

The very idea of sex seems to spur Lauren on a quest for pleasure. Sinking to the ground, Lauren pulls off her halter top and drags her tight pants down to pool at her ankles. Bending her knees, she exposes her perfect shaved pussy. When she slides her hand down her flat stomach and spreads her swollen lips, we can see that she is dripping with pearls of cum. “I’ll never be able to work out in front of all those guys at the gym again without thinking about how sexy I feel. I’ll want to make myself cum right then and there.” She doesn’t sound like she thinks that’s a bad thing so we take that as a compliment! You can admire Lauren’s tight black pants (believe us, they’re a must-see) and then watch this insatiable hottie bring herself to orgasm right now, only at

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Carmen Monet Giant Dildo

From the moment you meet her it is obvious that trying new things comes naturally to 20 year old Carmen Monet. She’s sweet and spunky and unbelievably sexy, and that openness and curiosity really takes her to a whole new level of attractive. “Whether it’s on the beach or between the sheets, I don’t feel like life can ever really move forward if you don’t explore anything new, you know?” For this shoot, we ask Carmen if she has any new sex toys that she’s been waiting to try out. She thinks for a moment and then responds that she knows just the thing!

Before we know it, Carmen is leaving the room at a fast trot. We enjoy the view of her bouncing bottom as she leaves, and we really enjoy the view of her perky boobs jiggling with every step as she returns. We’re so fixated on her medium sized tits that it takes most of us a minute to notice the giant powder blue dildo that Carmen has in her hand. “I’ve been meaning to try this baby out for a while. I think it’ll be perfect, don’t you?”

Laying back on the bed, Carmen runs her hands down her body and uses them to part her thighs and show us her freshly shaved pussy. Parting her folds, she massages her horny clit while her other hand slides first one and then two fingers into her tight hole. “I need to make sure I’m ready to take in all of this guy, if you know what I mean.” Sliding the top of the dildo down her juicy slit to lubricate it, she positions the tip at her ready entrance and slowly starts to push it in. Check out how much Carmen can take now only at, where the hottest and horniest girls on the Internet are featured weekly.

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Lily Bedtime Orgasm

Waking up each morning to a gorgeous girl like 23 year old Lily would be nothing short of a dream come true. Her shoulder-length silky black hair is a perfect complement to her smooth pale skin, and she has a constant sexy half-smile that can drive a man wild. There were a lot of yearning looks cast her way when she strutted onto the set to do a shoot wearing a deceptively modest nightie. “I chose this because it is actually the type of thing I wear to bed most nights. I thought you would enjoy if I showed you how my night clothes always end up coming off.”

Lying down in bed, Lily spread her legs to give us a quick peak beneath the hem of the nightdress. We could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties, and our anticipation shot through the roof. “So this is what happens most nights. I lay down and think I’m going to go to sleep, but my hands just start wandering. The next thing I know I’m playing with myself a little bit and wanting some more…” She closed her eyes as she spoke and began to run her hands down her slender body until she reached the edge of her nightdress mid-thigh. Lifting it slowly, she bared her pretty pink pussy and her all natural boobs as she worked the nightgown up her body.

When she was finally naked on the bed, Lily turned over and trapped her hand beneath her belly. Sliding her long fingers into her tight little hole, she gave a sigh of satisfaction and rested her head against the pillow. “Sometimes I try to convince myself to turn over and go to sleep but once I start I can never stop touching myself. I love the way it feels to masturbate when I’m on my tummy. I have some of my best orgasms this way.” The best part for us was that it turned out Lily was only getting started with her demonstration. You can watch Lily finger herself until she cums all over the bed right now only at, home of the hottest sex-crazed girls online.

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Lauren Lace Sheer Corset

21 year old brunette beauty Lauren Lace is always on the lookout for a man she can dominate. Her incredible confidence is evident in the way she dresses and, equally importantly, in the way she carries herself once her clothes come off. “I like to be in charge of everything in the bedroom. When I’m in charge I know that everyone will be happy at the end. I don’t like to brag but I’ve never left anybody wanting.” Dressed in a sheer lacey corset that shows off her amazing deep cleavage, Lauren certainly looks the part of woman-in-charge when she joins us on the set of our shoot.

Laid out on a couch, Lauren is a dream in lace. It’s almost a disappointment when she teasingly brings her hand to her chest and begins to unlace her bodice. “I love this outfit, but it’s not very good when I want to stretch out and make myself comfortable. It’s got to go.” She stands long enough to shimmy out of her dress, and then gives us a slow 180 so we can get an eyefull of all that she has to offer with her long legs and luscious curves. We are certainly impressed by all of the lovely Lauren’s charms.

Settling down on the couch once again, Lauren brings her knees up to her chest and spreads herself wide to show off her pink shaved pussy while squeezing her rounded ass cheek. “My favorite way of masturbating is with one hand curved around my legs. It opens me up and helps my fingers get to my g-spot better.” Lauren shows us exactly what she means, delving her long fingers deep into her tight hole while her other hand massages her horny clit to help charge her towards an incredible climax. You can check out Lauren’s lacey corset and watch her finger herself until she cums right now only at, where all of the Internet’s freshest young faces are brought to you weekly.

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Carmen Monet Fucks Stranger

Blonde surfer babe Carmen Monet is an adrenaline junky always in search of her next fix, whether it’s from catching waves on a surfboard or taking home her next sexual conquest. “I love bringing guys and girls home for a good time. There’s nothing hotter than rocking someone’s world for a night and then going our separate ways forever in the morning.” We really had a chance to experience just how far Carmen is willing to go to fuck a stranger when she asked if she could bring in a guy of her own choosing for her upcoming shoot. When we asked who she had in mind, she laughed. “I don’t know yet. I’ll find someone on the day of the shoot. Just trust me.”

We had some reservations about Carmen’s plan, but when she showed up with a beach stud who was chomping at the bit to get naked with her we knew we had made a good call. We all watched with envy as the two made out on the bed, slowly stripping each other’s clothes off and really getting into the moment. When Carmen was down to just her skimpy white thong she kissed and licked her way down her man’s chest until she reached his huge pulsing erection. “Let me help you out with this.” She didn’t wait for permission between engulfing his huge dick in her warm wet mouth.

Carmen’s man was clearly into the amazing blow job, pumping his member in and out of her mouth as she sucked enthusiastically. When she raised her head and smiled at him while licking her lips, it was easy to see that he was on the verge of cumming. “Don’t blow your load yet, big boy. This is your only shot at doing me.” Spurred on by the challenge, Carmen’s man pushed her to the bed and sank his erection into her dripping shaved pussy without any further foreplay-not that Carmen needed it to be wet and ready for a marathon sex session! If you want to watch this beach bunny fuck her dude of the day in one of the hottest hard core sets we’ve ever shot, head on over to now.

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Lolly Pop Sexy Striptease

Slim toned 18 year old beauty Lolly Pop is every bit as sweet with her name implies, mixed with a naughty streak that makes her irresistible. Lolly selects a flowing yellow dress for this shoot that is tasteful enough for the most upscale event. When she climbs onto the bed and shoots us a sultry smile, everyone on the crew feels like the lucky guy who has just gone home with the hottest girl in the room. “I love this dress. It’s really smooth and silky against my skin everywhere on my body.” Sliding the shoulder down to reveal her little tits with no bra constraining them, Lolly leaves us no doubt about what she means when she says ‘everywhere.’

Now that Lolly has put the thought in our heads, we can’t help but wonder whether she’s wearing anything at all beneath her dress. When one of our cameramen is bold enough to ask, Lolly laughs. “You really want to know?” she asks as she slides the other shoulder of her dress down to leave her upturned boobs bare. We all reply that we do, and Lolly doesn’t make us wait any longer. Turning around so her smooth back is to us, she leans forward and flips the bottom of her short skirt up to reveal her firm round ass and absolutely nothing else.

While we admire the view of her delectable behind, Lolly concentrates on getting rid of the dress all together. Lying down on the couch fully naked, she playfully presses her thighs together as she idly massages her small boobs. “The only thing that’s better than the feeling of expensive fabric all over my body is the feeling of nothing at all. Which do you like better for looking at?” While there’s no question that Lolly looks amazing in a pretty dress, the crew unanimously agrees that she is stunning in the nude. She rewards us for our enthusiastic endorsement by parting her legs to reveal her juicy shaved pussy. Sliding her hand down, she parts her soft lips and begins to touch herself. You can check out all of Lolly’s high resolution photos and video at, the best place on the Internet to find the hottest fresh faces every week.

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Lola Foxx Lacey Corset

When buxom and beautiful Lola Foxx steps into the room for her photo shoot wearing only a black and blue corset complete with thigh-high stockings and garters, every man in the room is immediately captivated by her stunning body. The bright blue lacy corset stands out against the backdrop of her silky black hair, drawing the eye to the perfect curves of this vixen’s sumptuous body. “I love to dress in sexy clothes that give me good cleavage. There’s something about going to a concert wearing something that shows off my body and dancing the night away that gets me totally hot. I think it’s because I know that every guy in the place is watching me.”

We can barely stand the thought of Lola ruining the pretty picture she makes with her form-fitting lingerie, but when she reaches to her chest and pops her huge tits out of their confinement we realize that this bombshell is potentially even more potent without her clothing. Lola must have noticed our unsubtle stares because she laughs and wriggles her chest to make her big boobs bounce. “Do you like these? I like it when you look.” While we watch, entranced, she reaches up to pinch one puckered nipple before resuming her striptease.

Soon, Lola stands before us clad only in her sheer thigh highs that hug her scrumptious long legs. She does a slow 360 turn to let us admire all of her gorgeous assets before settling on the couch. Spreading her legs and the lips of her shaved pussy, she shows us that she is already wet and eager for sex. “I have so many turn ons these days,” she murmurs as she slips a finger into her juicy slit and slowly rubs her sensitive clitoris. “I feel like I constantly want to masturbate. Let me show you.” If you want to see Lola rock her world, head on over to where you can find all of the sexiest girls on the Internet.

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Lina Miles French Maid Role Play

25 year old Russian beauty Lina Miles doesn’t have a lot of spare time, so she has to have as much fun as she can whenever the opportunity arises. “I love my modeling career because it lets me live out many of my fantasies.” For our shoot, Lina asked if she could do a little bit of role playing. “I have always wanted to dress as a sexy maid. I even bought the lingerie to do it, but I’ve been too busy to find someone to wear it for.” We all agree that Lina will look scrumptious as a French maid, so that’s what she changes into.

Wearing thigh-high stockings and a sheer maid uniform that hints at her medium sized boobs and black underwear beneath, Lina emerges from her room with a huge smile on her face. “It feels as sexy to be wearing this as I hoped it would. Now tell me, what kind of messes can I clean up for you?” I think that all of us wish we had a mess she really could clean! After she has had some time to strut her stuff around the room, Lina sinks to the couch and slides the maid costume over her head so she can freely access her perky sensitive tits. Closing her eyes and squeezing her tender nipples until they harden into tiny nubs, Lina lets out a small moan that lets us know how much she is enjoying this fantasy.

Sliding her panties down over her sheer stockings and high heels, Lina brings her knees up to expose her pouty pink pussy. We can see the pearls of moisture beading along her horny slit, and she spreads her lips to give us a better view. “Since there’s nothing to clean up, I suppose it’s okay if I take a break to enjoy myself…” Sliding her fingertips down her juicy twat, she drives two fingers deep into her tight hole before removing them and licking her creamy essence off. We can tell by the way her other hand continues to massage her slippery pussy that Lina is only getting started. To see what this raunchy maid does next to bring herself to her inevitable orgasm, head on over to

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