Month: October 2011

Annmarie Lesante Sexual Encounter

Annmarie LeSante is a very sexy twenty-three year old brunette from Hungary. She has met up with a certain someone at a downtown hotel for an afternoon rendezvous. She sat on the bed in the nice hotel room with her slender body dressed in a black corset number and her long dark hair falling down around her shoulders and framing her sensual face. The hot guy she’d met up with earlier finally came out of the bathroom clad in only a pair of black boxer briefs and an approving smile as he checked out Annmarie in her corset. He sat in front of her on the bed and brought his hand to her face. Annmarie was already getting excited about this afternoon sex session that was about to take place and she couldn’t wait for him to touch more than just her face.

Annmarie didn’t have to wait long before her guy began to rub his hands down her neck and chest and started to untie her corset. When he finished, he tossed it aside and looked at her naked body which made him instantly hard. When Annmarie noticed this she smiled up at him before sliding off his boxer briefs and putting him into her mouth. She felt his cock grow harder and harder in her mouth as she licked him all over and sucked him hungrily. She just couldn’t get enough of him and he couldn’t get enough of her. Before long they both wanted more.

He pulled Annmarie’s naked body up next to him on the bed and wrapped his arms around her from behind, gripping her perky, round breasts. He then slid his hardness deep into her dripping wet pussy, also from behind, and Annmarie gasped, throwing her head back in pleasure. She gripped his hand tightly as he pumped in and out of her, making her scream out loud. Annmarrie closed her eyes as he kissed and licked her neck, turning her on even more. You can see the rest of this steamy sex session right now, only at

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Angel Hott Sings In The Rain

Angel Hott, the super cute eighteen year old from Russia, is looking extra adorable here on this particular rainy day. The rain was not about to stop Angel from getting outside for a fun and sexy outdoor photo session. She is the type of girl who is down for anything anytime, including getting naked in the rain. She grabs her red umbrella and cute blue rain coat with the white polka dots and is all ready to go. "Lets do this!" She says excitedly. Yes, lets. I for one, can’t wait to see what she has on underneath that rain coat.

It doesn’t take long before I find out Angel isn’t wearing a whole lot underneath her rain coat. "Surprise!" She laughs as she opens the top of her coat, flashing her nice pair of perky tits. That is hot! "It’s a little cold." Angel laughs, pointing to her hard nipples. "But it is pretty sexy right?" It is extremely sexy. I can just imagine Angel walking through town like this on a rainy day and her seeing a hot guy she likes and maybe giving him a quick peek at her bare breasts under her rain coat. He’d be hooked for sure.

Angel then squats down to hide her nudity from some people passing by. She giggles uncontrollably. "Its so fun to live dangerously!" She exclaims, still laughing. "There is something really exciting and really hot about the possibility of getting caught." We know exactly what she means and couldn’t agree more. Then Angel opens the bottom of her rain coat to reveal that she isn’t even wearing panties under there. No wonder she was cold! Angel puts a finger in her mouth in a sexy way, still trying hard to stop giggling. See more of this hot photo session right now, only at

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Karina White In Sexy Nighty

Today Karina White is wearing white and looking almost angelic. Almost. Except for that naughty gleam in her eyes that makes me think of ‘bedroom eyes.’ She looks like she could be naughty and nice. The perfect combination. Karina is a nineteen year old Southern girl from Texas. Along with being a Southern girl, she is also a college girl. Beauty and brains. Karina is all the best combinations. She teases the camera with the straps of her white dress, letting them ‘accidentally’ fall down her shoulders. The camera follows her into the house and into her boudior. (That means bedroom.)

Karina crawls onto her bed slowly. She gets in a position she feels comfortable in, on her knees, and starts to peel the white dress down even further. Her full breasts pop out the top, one by one, in an extremely erotic fashion. She rubs her hands over them casually, making her nipples nice and hard. Then she pulls her white dress down a little further, revealing a nice, flat stomach with a pierced naval. Her flat stomach makes her breasts look even bigger. Karina smiles into the camera. She was delighted by the reaction her nice pair of tits had caused. "Guess what?" She said playfully, "I’m not wearing panties under here."

Karina sat back to pull the dress all the way down her long legs. She proved she really was not wearing any panties under there and that was pretty hot. Karina threw the dress aside and got on all fours, in the doggy style position, sticking her bare ass up in the air. She was completely shaved and you could see everything she had to offer between those lovely legs. It was quite a sexy sight. Karina gave the camera a naughty smile as she reached her hand back to give her nice ass a squeeze. She spread it open so we could really get a good view of her hot pussy. And Karina didn’t stop there. See what she does next, only at

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Rilee Marks Is So Naughty

Rilee Marks, the nineteen year old San Francisco native is looking extra sexy today in a white sundress, white sandals, and with her long, dark hair styled in loose curls. She was just spraying off the driveway on one of those warm Summer days, when she accidentally sprayed her foot with the hose. The cool water was actually very refreshing so Rilee continued to spray herself from her toes, up her long legs, and then her nice ass and up. She soaked the white sun dress she wore until it clung to her body and was completely transparent in the bright sun light. Rilee felt cooled off but for some reason she wanted to keep getting herself wet.

Rilee brought the hose to her chest and sprayed it all the way down the front of her dress. The cool water trickled over her full breasts, down her flat stomach, and ran down between her nice legs. It gave Rilee a very sensual feeling and she brought one hand down to touch herself gently. Her nipples were straining to poke through the wet material which was also getting Rilee turned on. She kept spraying herself all over her sexy body until she was overcome with an overwhelming desire to take her clothes off.

Rilee tossed the hose on the ground and knelt down so she would be out of view of any on looking neighbors. Slowly, Rilee lifted the sopping wet dress up over the white thong she was wearing, which was also soaked, and lifted it over her full breasts and hard nipples. The warm sun felt amazing against her bare, wet skin and Rilee leaned her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the way her naked body felt. Rilee suddenly felt like she was being watched. She looked around but saw no one. Something about the feeling of someone watching her made Rilee feel extremely turned on. So she decided to put on a show that wouldn’t soon be forgotten by any audience. See it for yourself now, only at

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Watch Angel Hott Spread

Angel Hott is an eighteen year old hottie from Russia. She likes gymnastics which explains why her body is so tight and fit. Other things Angel likes include; concerts, movies, and masturbating. "On a cold day I love to curl up with a cup of hot tea, watch a hot movie, and then get myself off." Angel tells us. That sounds like a great day. Angel giggles in a cute girlish way. She then slides the straps of her colorful dress off her shoulders and then pulls it down low so that her perky tits popped out the top. Angel looks up into the camera, giving it a sexy look with her pretty hazel eyes.

Angel stands up to pull the dress down even lower. She slides it down over her flat stomach and then below her pink panties and down her legs until she is wearing only the sexy pink panties. She is standing in front of a chair in her bedroom where tells us she does most of her masturbating. "Actually I usually do it in this chair here." She says, indicating the whicker chair she stood in front of. "If I’m not laying in bed. You wanna see?" She giggles again this time in a more naughty way. Of course we want to see!

Angel slid off the pink panties, getting completely naked before she sat back in her chair. She pulled her legs up to her chest and then reached down to spread open her already wet pussy which was completely shaved. Her pussy seemed to get more and more wet by the second before she even did anything. She gave the camera another naughty smile before she got to work making her red painted toes curl. See Angel doing just that right now, only at

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Karina White Sexy By The Pool

Karina White is sexy nineteen year old from Texas. She is one of those fun college girls who is always up for anything. She loves frat parties, her human sexuality course, and Jack Daniels straight up. She sounds like a girl I might even have trouble keeping up with. Today she is lounging by the pool in her black bikini soaking up the sun. She sits on the edge with her long legs crossed and her toes dipped into the pool. She smiles at the camera from across the pool, squinting in the bright sunlight. "Guess what I’m gonna do!" Karina called to me. "Skinny dip!"

Karina hopped into the shallow end of the pool where the water came up to her sexy thighs. She splashed about for a few minutes before positioning herself with her back to the camera. Slowly and seductively, Karina untied her bikini top and let it drop in the pool with a small splash. She teased the camera by not turning all the way around just yet. She smiled over her bare shoulder and then started to pull down her bikini bottoms from the back, showing off her nice, round ass.

Karina pulled her bikini bottoms all the way off, threw them aside, and began swimming the length of the pool in the nude. She laughed and giggled and splashed around playfully. Finally, she swam up to the latter and pulled herself up, putting her naked body on full display.

She had a great pair of full breasts, a shaved pussy, long legs. Karina was definitely a hottie with a body and she knew it. She really loved to tease. She played with a large beach towel, even drying off in a sexy way. When she finished drying she said, "Now lets go have a drink!" See even more of Karina White right now, only at

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Petite Rilee Marks Gets Wet

Rilee Marks is an adorable nineteen year old from San Francisco, California. One of my favorite cities. She just graduated high school and she plans to go to Burkley. So Riley is more than just a pretty face and a banging body. She actually graduated at the top of her class which made me want to ask; what made you want to get into nude modeling? Her answer; "I want to show off my hot body. I think it’s fun, but I mostly want to get back at an ex boyfriend. When he see’s these pictures and what he lost, he will kick himself for sure." And I am positive he will too. Aren’t we lucky that Rilee has a vendetta against her ex? If not, we might not get to see her very hot body and adorable face. Rilee laughed. "I probably still would have posed nude eventually. Its something I always wanted to do, but this kind of sealed the deal."

Rilee ran her hands over her full breasts, down her flat stomach, and rested them on her light blue panties. Slowly she peeled them off and let them fall to the floor. Now completely naked, she turned her cute, round ass toward the camera and smiled over her shoulder. She ran her hands over her body again, this time resting them on her bare ass. She gave it a squeeze and a little spank before laughing adorably. She had a shy, vulnerable quality that most girls don’t have these days. It was sexy. She leaned over to turn off the water that had been running in the bath tub. Then she look at me and said, "I think it’s ready."

Riley tentatively dipped her toes into the warm bubbles. Once she was used to the temperature, she lowered her whole body in and soaked herself. She leaned back and slowly spread her legs open, showing us her sexy, shaved pussy. Riley closed her eyes and reached one hand down between her legs to touch herself. She didn’t seem shy anymore, she actually seemed quite comfortable rubbing her pussy in front of the camera. She moaned lightly as she kept rubbing. See what else the sexy Rilee Marks does, only at

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Angel Hott Goes All Out

Angel Hott is one eighteen year old who is definitely hot! I don’t know if I would call her an angel though. In a good way! We like our girls bad and a little naughty just like this one is. She is from Russia and she is a gymnast. Meaning she is very flexible and has a very fit body. What more could one want in a girl? Oh, and she really likes to fuck. Sounds like a dream girl to me. In this particular scene, Angel wasted no time taking her clothes off. She was naked in a matter of seconds and before we knew it, she was getting her nipples licked by a certain guy that she had obviously turned on.

Angel returned the favor by getting on her knees, unzipping his jeans, and pulling out his hard cock which was just waiting for her to put her mouth on. Angel grabbed it, squeezed it, and then put him in her mouth hungrily. He really liked this a lot. Angel licked him and sucked him expertly from his balls to the very tip of his dick. She really seemed to know what she was doing. Angel was one very experienced eighteen year old! She bobbed her head up and down on his hardness, deep throating until he couldn’t take it any longer.

He pulled her head back and then lifted her up onto the counter. He then pulled himself up and positioned himself behind her naked body. The two lay sideways in the sideways doggy style position. Angel reached down between her legs and coaxed his hard cock into her wet and ready pussy. It slid in and was a perfectly tight fit. Both of them voiced their pleasures as they started to rock back and forth with each other on the counter top. He reached around to grab one of Angel’s perky tits as she gripped the counter. This scene is about to get even hotter, so see the rest for yourself right now, only at

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Kaylee Hilton Toy Fun


, the super sexy blonde from Arizona, is getting frisky on the couch today. She tells us that her hobbies are sex, sex, and more sex! She sure sounds like a fun girl to hang out with! "I just love trying new things and experimenting with it. It is so much fun! Those who aren’t doing it are really missing out!" Can’t argue with that! So, here is the sexy sex lover on the couch, topless, wearing only a tiny black thong and ready to try out some new things. Although, for being only eighteen, there isn’t a whole lot Kaylee hasn’t tried yet. She already told us that she likes girls and has had sex with two coworkers! But I think we can probably come up with something new for Kaylee to try.

Kaylee makes herself more comfortable on the couch, laying on her back with her tanned legs stretched out in front of her. She slides her black panties down and spreads her legs wide open to show us her sexy shaved pussy. She gives the camera a dazzling smile and then reaches between her legs to touch her pussy and make it nice and wet. We did find something Kaylee hasn’t tried yet. And she is super excited about it. That’s why, right now, she is getting her a hot little pussy good and ready for it.

Kaylee takes the purple toy that is handed to her. “Yep, I definitely have never tried this toy before!" Kaylee says with excitement in her voice. She positions herself on the couch in doggy style position, sticking her nice ass in the air. Then she turns the toy on vibrate and touches it to her clit. You can really tell just how much she likes it, because Kaylee doesn’t hold anything back. She turns to give the camera a sultry look over her shoulder while she continues to play with herself. You will want to see this sexy set for yourself and it is only at

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Outdoor Stripping With Hayden Hawkens

Hayden Hawkens, this adorable twenty year old from Missouri is one hot ass blonde. Today she is outside in jean shorts and a white t-shirt with no bra underneath, looking super sexy. "I just thought you should know" Hayen says to me, "I have been known to be a little bit of an exhibitionist." Hayden winks and gives me a naughty smile. For those who don’t know, an exhibitionist is someone who exposes their sexual body parts to strangers. Most people would call these types of people mentally disturbed but in this case it’s way hot. Who wouldn’t want to be flashed by Hayden? She can flash me anytime she wants and I told her so.

So, Hayden looks at me with her blue eyes and smiles seductively. Then she slowly lifts up her t-shirt. First she shows me the cute butterfly tattoo at her waist, which I take a second to admire. Then her flat stomach. And then her small and perky tits which I also had to admire. They were awfully cute and super sexy. Then Hayden says, "I think I should take the rest of these clothes off. Don’t you think?" I certainly was not going to argue with an exhibitionist. I sat back to enjoy the show as Hayden began to strip.

Hayden pulls the white t-shirt all the way up and over her head, tosses it aside, and then unbuttons her jean shorts. She wiggles out of them and her panties at the same time, and tosses them aside as well. Now, Hayden is standing outside completely naked with everything on display and it was definitely a sexy sight to see. She really loved showing off her hot body. She turned around to show me her cute ass and the rest of her tattoos. She smiled playfully at me over her shoulder. See more of Hayden Hawkens now, only at

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