Month: September 2011

Kitchen Play Time

Gina Devine is a sexy, twenty one year old hottie from Czech Republic. She has long dark hair and a super petite and tight little body. She was just about to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath but realized she needed to wash her dishes first. So as she washed, Gina suddenly got turned on (as she often does) and she just could not wait until her bath. She started rubbing the bubbles from the sink over her chest, soaking her tits through the white top she was wearing. She kept rubbing until she finally pulled the top down so she could rub her bare breasts. When her tits and chest were covered in bubbles, Gina slowly moved her hands down her stomach to her yellow shorts and started pulling them down inch by inch with her bubble covered hands.

Gina slipped off her yellow shorts, tossed them to the side, and started to rub the bubbles all over her nice ass and down the back of her long sexy legs, soaking her knee socks as well. But she didn’t care, the wetness felt so good against her skin. Gina lifted one of her legs and rested it on top of the counter so she could completely cover every body part in bubbles, not leaving an inch untouched. Finally, Gina was fully covered, her white shirt soaked, her tits poking through, and the only other clothing she had on, her socks, which were completely soaked through as well. Gina smiled as she looked at the mess she had made.

Gina was feeling really horny now. She pulled her soaked body up onto the counter. She had bubbles covering her tits and running down her chest and her flat stomach and between her legs. It felt so nice. She spread her legs open wide and slowly moved her hand down between her legs and began to rub her pussy. Gina is about to get herself even more wet…so, see it for yourself, only at

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Kylie Sky Strip Tease

Meet Kylie Sky, this cute and sexy eighteen year old brunette with a super hot body and an adorable smile. She is wearing a yellow tank top and matching yellow g-string panties for our viewing pleasure today and she might even be about to take off this sexy outfit and show us her even sexier body she has hiding underneath. Kylie sits on her knees on a black leather couch and tells us about how much she loves sex. "It’s pretty much the best thing ever." Kylie says. "I don’t see how some people can ever live without it!" Yeah, me either. As Kylie is saying this, she starts to pull up her tank top, revealing her wash board abs and and nice full breasts. Then she leans back on her hands and smiles right into the camera.

Kylie pulls the shirt all the way up over her head and tosses it aside and then she stands up for us, turns around, and slowly and erotically starts to slide off her yellow panties. After she kicks them off, our photographer compliments her on her nice round ass. Kylie smiles at him over her shoulder and says; "You like that?" And then she grabs her ass from underneath and lifts it up for him in a super sexy way. She really knows what looks good. Kylie also has a really sexy, little tattoo on her shoulder and her pink nails just add to her sex appeal.

After a little more ass play, Kylie turns around and shows off her sexy shaved pussy. Then she sits back down on the leather couch, lye’s back to make herself comfortable, and throws one legs up on the couch to give us an even better view of that hot pussy. She slowly spreads her legs wider and wider and smiles up at the camera guy in a teasing and playful way. See Kylie get even more naughty for us, only at

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Shelly Roberts Naked Wet Fun

Shelly Roberts is a cute and sexy, twenty year old blonde from the United Kingdom and one of her favorite things to do is play in the pool "Well, actually" Shelly says, "One of my favorite things to do is lay out by the pool and work on my tan. But I do like to play in the pool as well." She says with a sweet laugh and a smile. Shelly’s accent makes her even more sexy. Here is a girl that guys wouldn’t mind listening to. Shelly piles her long blonde hair up on top of her head. and gets ready to soak herself with the hose. She is wearing a white tank-top with nothing underneath, bikini bottoms, and pink sunglasses. "My favorite color." She explains as she puts the sunglasses on top of her head. "Okay, I’m ready. Time to get myself all wet!" In more ways than one, we hope.

Shelly sprays the hose all over her white t-shirt and suddenly you can see her breasts and nipples poking through the wet shirt. So hot. If this was a wet t-shirt contest Shelly would, without a doubt, be the winner. After fully drenching herself, Shelly sets aside the hose and says, "Okay, time to free the twins." We assume she is talking about her tits because she then starts to peel down the top of her shirt and leans over, revealing her amazing breasts and hard nipples. Shelly smiles at us and keeps peeling downing the shirt to give us an even better view.

Shelly finally peels the wet t-shirt all the way off and tosses it to the side. She has a nice, flat stomach with a pierced belly button and when topless, her tits look even better. Shelly also reveals a sexy little tattoo at her waistline as she begins to peel down the wet bikini bottoms. She continues peeling them off slowly until her shaved pussy is also revealed. Then she slides out of them, kicks the bottoms aside and stands up, hands on hips, fully nude and displaying all of her sexiness just for us. But Shelly doesn’t stop there, see what she does next, only at

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Gina Devine Banana

Gina Devine is this super hot, twenty one year old brunette from Czech Republic. She has a thin, petite body, tan skin, long dark hair, and tons of sex appeal. Today, she is laying out on the deck in her very skimpy and colorful bikini, enjoying the pleasures of fruit…Gina first oils herself up, covering her whole body until she is glistening and gleaming with body oil. Then she lays back to catch some rays but suddenly starts feeling a little horny as the sun beats down on her silky smooth body. She looks around and finally rests her eyes on the bananas in the fruit plate next to her. She picks one up, looks it over and decides that it will do the trick. She puts it in her mouth, licks it and kisses it until it is fully lubricated to her liking.

Gina then slides off her bikini bottoms, tosses them to the side, and runs the banana over her tight body until it reaches her hot and horny pussy. She teases herself for a while until she is so hot and bothered that she has to have more. So Gina then flips over onto her stomach and sticks her ass and pussy up in the air so that she can get a better reach on herself. She then reaches behind her and begins teasing herself some more with the banana in doggy style position. Gina closes her eyes, enjoying how good she is making herself feel. But soon Gina is so turned on that she just can not take teasing herself any longer.

Gina’s shaved pussy is now dripping wet. She changes positions again, this time laying on her side with one leg up in the air. She slowly slides the banana into her wet pussy. It feels so good that Gina can’t help but moan with pleasure as she slides the banana in further. See how much hotter this is about to get, only at

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Kylie Sky Rocks Your Cock

Kylie Sky is an adorably cute eighteen year old. She is a California girl with a healthy appetite for hot sex. She’s not a California blonde, but a California brunette and from my experience, brunettes are usually more naughty and freaky in the bedroom. And I think this shoot definitely proves my point. Kylie is making out with her hot stud and she’s about to do a lot more than that and we get front row seats to watch the whole thing. Kylie pulls her red top up over her perky breasts to show her guy what he’s about to get and he is certainly not disappointed. He grabs Kylie from behind and gives her a long sensual kiss. These two have really hot chemistry so get ready to enjoy this sexy, naughty ride!

First, Kylie got completely naked except for her red shirt which kept up over her nice tits. Then she lay her guy down on the bed and turned around to give him a nice view of sexy, round ass. His dick was instantly hard. She turned around to look and smiled. She then hopped up on the bed with her ass towards him in reverse cowgirl position. She slowly sat her horny pussy down on his hard cock. They both seemed to really like this a lot. Kylie looked back over her shoulder and smiled at him as he gave her sexy ass a nice squeeze. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter by the second. He was really getting her turned on.

After Kylie rode his rock hard cock in reverse cowgirl a little longer, he pulled her off and lay her down on the bed. She lay back with her legs open and put one leg in the air as she waited for him to enter her again. When he did, it felt even better than the first time and she reached her hand down between her legs to rub her clit as her pumped in and out of her soaking wet pussy. This shoot is about to get even hotter and you will not want to miss it so go to right now!

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Henessy Sexy Kitchen Striptease

Henessy is getting kinky in the kitchen this morning. There she was just trying to cook breakfast when she started feeling all sexy and horny. She was thinking about all the guys that will be looking at her naked pictures and jerking off to her naked pictures and that really got her in the mood for some more naked pictures. So she lifted up her sexy little dress and out popped a tit at the same time! Underneath her dress she had on a pair of very sexy g-string panties along with some hot white heels. She smiled and said to her photographer; "Does this help you with you your morning wood?"

Laughing, Henessy turned to the side to show off her nice legs in the sexy white heels. Then she pulled her dress up higher and higher until it was above her nice perky tits and she showed us a really hot view of her whole sexy package. "This is a lot more fun than making breakfast!" Henessy said with a laugh. She continued to smile and pose provocatively for the camera, feeling more and more naughty by the second. She dropped her dress to the floor and stood in front of her oven in only her tiny panties and heels. Super hot.

Then Henessy started to slide the panties down her sexy legs in a very sensual way. She let them drop to the floor and then slowly kicked them aside. She had a super hot shaved pussy which she loved to show off and a nice round ass. Henessy then knelt down to unbuckle her her shoes, and one by one, she slid them off. Then, fully naked Henessy, pulled herself up on the counter and gave the camera a series of very sexy poses right there on her counter top. You won’t want to miss the rest of the scene and it is only at

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Outdoor Fun With Bailey Ryder

Bailey Ryder is this sexy and seductive nineteen year old temptress from the heart of Czech Republic. Today she is doing what she likes to do best; tempt. And who wouldn’t want to be tempted by this hottie playing dress up in a sexy race car costume. All Bailey is missing is a checkered flag and the Daytona 500 behind her. But instead she is standing outside on a long stairway in sexy heels the show off her long and slender legs. Her black and white checkered mini skirt also helps to show off those legs and her black and white top which barely covers her breasts and gives us a wonderful view of her amazingly flat stomach. Bailey is five feet, four inches of hotness with waist long, dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a sensual face. Let’s see what she is about to do for us today in this sexy ensemble.

“Well…” Bailey begins; “The reason I wore this costume for you today is because some of my favorite things to do are role play and play dress up." As she says this, she gives us a naughty smile and then turns around and slowly lifts the short skirt to give us a great view of an amazingly toned butt at the top of amazingly toned legs. What a smoking hot body Bailey has! And as if Bailey lifting her skirt up for us wasn’t hot enough, she makes it even hotter! We soon discover that Bailey is wearing absolutely no panties underneath her sexy costume. "Sometimes I like to go out without panties." Bailey giggles. "It feels good and makes me really horny!" Who can argue with that?

After Bailey is done teasing us with her lack of panties, she sits her nice ass down on one of the steps. The she pulls her tiny top open so that her perky tits pop out in the middle. While doing this she spreads her long legs open wide, giving us full view of the pink pussy she has hiding between those legs. She is tempting in every way possible! Are you tempted? Go to right now to see more of Bailey Ryder for yourself.

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Shy Natalya Strips

Natalya is the adorably cute, twenty-two year old sweet heart from Russia.She is laying in her bed amongst the pillows and blankets in only her white cotton panties. She is feeling "awfully horny this morning," she tells me so I suggest she get a little more comfortable on her bed and then we can see if there is something that can be done about her horny state. Natalya smiles seductively at me, feeling even more horny by the second. Her silky smooth, waist long black hair is the only thing covering her amazing breasts as she sits with her knees in front of her on the sea of pillows and blankets.

Natalya looked down at herself and said; “Well, maybe I should take off these panties…?”

She trailed off and looked up at me. "Then I would be completely naked." She finished with a cute and sexy smile. I smiled back and nodded at her encouragingly. Natalya stood up on her knees and started sliding the panties over her hips, down her thighs, over her knees, and dragged them down her legs and over her cute feet. She tossed them to the side and then Natalya started rubbing her hands over her bare breasts, making her nipples nice and hard. Then she started running one hand slowly down her stomach until it reached her horny pussy.

Natalya teased and rubbed her pink and shaved pussy and then she stopped, turned around, and lay down on her stomach with her cute butt in the air. She stretched out luxuriously over the sheets giving me a really nice view of her wet pussy and perfectly round ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and gave me another one of her sensual smiles and I was instantly turned on. Then Natalya spread her legs open wide to give me an even better view of what she had hidden in between. Get a better view for yourself, only at

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Henessy Toy Play

Sexy Henessy, a twenty one year old hottie from Russia, is a little bit of a nymphomaniac. She loves sex so much that even when she doesn’t have a hard cock to ride, she makes due with what she does have. Like a little, blue, vibrating toy for instance. Henessy is sitting in the middle of her bed one sunny afternoon, writing a ‘to-do’ list, when she suddenly starts thinking about the last sex session she had with a particularly hot guy just a couple of days ago. As she remembered how good it felt, Henessy started to feel horny and she began to slowly peel off her pink satin bra to rub her nipples the same way her hot guy had done not long ago.

She rubbed her breasts until she had made her nipples so hard they stood straight up. Henessy was getting really turned on now. She started to peel off her silky panties, revealing her smooth, shaved pussy. Once she’d peeled the panties all the way off, she then tossed them aside and started fumbling around her room in the nude, looking for her favorite blue toy. Henessy smiled with delight, when she finally found it. "This should do the trick." She said to herself. She crawled back onto her bed naked and feeling extra naughty.

Henessy lays down on her stomach, sticking her nice ass up in the air. Doggy style was her favorite position after all. She slowly started to slide the toy in from behind. Henessy didn’t even need to get the toy wet first, she was so turned on that her pussy was already soaking wet. She spread her legs open wider and pushed the toy in further. It felt so good. Almost as good as the real thing. But not quite! See just how naughty Henessy gets, only at

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Sexy Bailey Ryder Strips

Bailey Ryder is a fun and sexy a nineteen year old brunette from Czech Republic. She loves sex and being naughty and dressing the part. "It’s fun to get all dressed up in sexy outfits and go out on the town with my girl friends and find hot guys to buy us drinks. We like to play this game. Who ever gets the most free drinks by the end of the night wins the game. And I usually win." Bailey says with a smile. "Sometimes I even find a lucky guy to take home with me." Sounds like there’s some very lucky guys out there.

Bailey is all dressed up for us today in a little black dress and red high heels. "I love these shoes!" She tells us as she struts around showing them off. She lifts up her dress to show us her nicely toned legs and sexy booty. Then she pulls the dress all the way off and tosses it aside. Underneath she is wearing a red bra and matching red thong, which also matches her red heels. Looking down at herself Bailey says; "You can probably guess what my favorite color is, can’t you?" She laughs. Bailey then pulls down her bra to reveal her nice perky breasts. Her skin is tan and her stomach is flat. She really is super sexy from head to toe.

Bailey takes the bra all the way off and then starts playing with the red thong. She kicks off her red shoes and starts sliding the thong down her sexy, tan legs. Once it is all the way off, Bailey tosses it to the side and stands up, fully naked and barefoot. Her pussy is all shaved except for a very sexy landing strip. Bailey runs her fingers through her long hair and looks directly into the camera, smiles, and says; "Now let’s have some fun!" See what happens next with this naughty girl, only at

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