Month: November 2012

Nadia Reid Watches Porn

Although 20 year old Nadia Reid is a year removed from attending her all-girls private high school, she still has her schoolgirl uniform and loves to wear it when she’s feeling a little frisky. “I didn’t really like most of high school but I did love dressing in my uniform. I got so much attention from guys whenever I went out without changing.” Imagine our delight when Nadia shows up for her photo shoot dressed in her school uniform with a naughty twist: She has hiked up her skirt so high that we can see glimpses of her luscious ass and her shaved mound.

To our surprise, instead of starting to strip right away Nadia instead pulls out a laptop and hops on the desk to use it. “Just give me a sec,” she says when we ask her what she’s doing. “I want to watch some porn while I make some porn. It inspires me to new heights of dirtiness.” Well, when Nadia puts it that way none of us are going to complain about the delay! Sure enough, a chorus of moans starts to sound from her laptop’s speakers within just a few minutes. She props the computer up on the desk and starts unbuttoning her white shirt while her eyes remain glued to the screen.

Soon, the fabric falls away from her shoulders to reveal her perky tits and her diamond hard nipples. She reaches up with both hands to palm her breasts before pinching both nipples simultaneously and moaning with pleasure. Flipping her skirt up, she parts her thighs to show off her creamy slit. “Do you see how wet I am already? This is gonna be an incredible orgasm.” You can check out this Indian hottie watching porn and fucking her cum-loving snatch only at, where all of the hottest and horniest girls are brought to you daily.

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Shylina Finger Fuck Fantasy

19 year old Czech bombshell Shylina has an incredible perky pair of tits that are so sensitive she can practically cum just from touching them. “Wearing different types of fabric across my boobs is always a great experience. I love the way they all feel.” For today’s shoot, Shylina has opted for a cropped tank top and a pair of suspenders that she arranges over her hard little nipples so that the material shifts every time she moves.

When she slips the suspenders down over her shoulders and pulls her tank top down to let her medium sized tits spill out, we can see that her diamond hard nipples are ready to be fondled. Shylina reaches up and pinches her horny nipples. Within just a few seconds she is moaning and writhing on the couch, but then she stops and then runs her hands down her tummy. “I don’t want to cum yet. That wouldn’t make for a very good shoot at all,” she laughs as she pulls off her shorts to reveal her landing strip pussy.

When she scoots back on the couch and spreads her legs, we can see that Shylina’s needy twat is already soaking wet and ready for action. Her pink fuck hole is slick with her creamy pussy juices as she leans back and slides her fingers deep inside her snatch and fingers her g-spot. Moaning in pleasure, she uses her other hand to massage her clit so that pleasure spikes through her sex-loving body. “I’m so hot from playing with my tits. I just know this is going to be a big orgasm.” Head on over to right now if you want to check out Shylina cum around her fingers in HD pics and video, and to find all of the hottest and freshest college coeds online.

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Kennedy Nash Tempting Schoolgirl

19 year old snow bunny, Kennedy Nash, causes major heat waves on the cold slopes in Colorado. Snowboarding is her favorite activity, but she doesn’t see much board action ever since her move to LA when she first turned 18. "It was the most exciting time in my life! I went strait from a strict private school to party girl! I’ve been having kinky fun every since", she told us. Feeling perfectly at home in a sexy uniform, Kennedy wanted to show off all of the naughty things she would do when she was in school.

"I loved giving up skirt peeks at my panties. Teasing boys is so fun!" she exclaimed as her tiny school girl skirt was being lifted to show off her blue satin G-string. As Kennedy stood up, her gazelle like legs stretched on for days, and led the most silky path to her plump ripe ass. Her barely there shirt was thrown on the floor in a fit of erotic passion. Kennedy’s firm perky boobs were fully exposed, leaving her lonely nipples as hard as glass. Kennedy’s flawless skin makes her fresh face even more inviting! "I can usually tell someone that I want to fuck them with my eyes. They speak volumes!" she said. It is clear with those sweet dreamy eyes, Kennedy can lock anyone into her sight and eye fuck them to no end.

Kennedy’s wild side comes out to play when she dresses up and strips down like the naughty school girl she is! You would not believe what she does when those fingers find their way beneath her G-string, and on to her tight shaved pussy. Licking and sucking the sweet cum off of her hands is only the beginning! Hurry to to watch Kennedy Nash get nasty with herself as she plunges her fingers deep down into her craving twat.

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Nadia Reid Bathtub Toy Fuck

20 year old

Nadia Reid
from Arizona loves to take long soaks in the bathtub while she pleasures her

horny pussy
in marathon masturbation sessions. “Taking a bath is like an instant turn on for me. I know as soon as the water starts flowing that I’m going to get off. I’m always super wet before I ever get into the tub!” When Nadia invited us to snap pictures of her during one of her baths, we eagerly jumped at the chance to capture this stunning

dusky beauty
on film during such a sensual experience.

The first thing we notice while we wait for Nadia is that the tub in her bathroom is surrounded by

waterproof vibrators
and other sex toys. This cute coed wasn’t kidding about spending her time fucking her

shaved twat
while she soaks in the water! As we’re checking out her collection of naughty toys, Nadia enters the room without a stitch of clothing on. “I’m just going to get naked anyway. I didn’t see much point in coming in here with a towel on or anything like that.” For our part, we’re just as glad that Nadia has decided to show off her

gorgeous body
without pretense while she waits for the tub to fill.

Nadia climbs into the tub while the water is still relatively low, giving us an amazing view of her

all natural tits
and her slender curvy body. As she soaps herself up with the bubbles, she laughs and slips one hand between her long thighs to cup her

soaked slit
. “I’m so turned on just having you guys here taping me. I can’t wait until the bath is full to get started!” Reaching up to select a dildo and a vibrator from her collection of toys, Nadia expertly thrusts one toy into her

tight twat
while she presses the other to her sensitive clit. If you want to see this Indian beauty make herself cum in the tub, head on over to
right now!

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Shylina Amateur Hardcore Fuck

19 year old Shylina from Czech is a brunette babe who loves to pleasure her needy pussy, but she’s still relatively new to having sex with men, especially on camera. “I’m definitely more into girls than guys when it comes to relationships, but there’s something about feeling a man’s hard dick filling me up that I just can’t turn my back on. That’s why I agreed to try a hardcore shoot. All of the fucking and none of the emotional mess.” It’s obvious that Shylina is nervous when she meets her male costar for her hardcore shoot, but he soon puts her at ease as he makes it clear that this is all about her pleasure.

Stripping Shylina out of her clothes, her man drops to his knees in front of her to cup his hands beneath her all natural breasts and latch his tongue onto her turgid nipples. Shylina throws her head back and her long brown hair cascades over her shoulders as she hums with pleasure. “God you’re good with your mouth.” The tension seems to seep out of the room as Shylina relaxes and really begins to enjoy herself.

Before long, Shylina is eagerly helping her beau lose his clothes so she can impale her horny snatch on his pulsing erection. Her guy’s manhood fills her completely as he helps her find her balance before letting her go so she can ride him at her own pace. Her hips undulate slowly at first, but soon she is bouncing atop her man with so much force that her tits jiggle. When her beau reaches up like he might touch her, Shylina twists away from him and gasps, “Just stay still, I think I’m gonna cum!” Head on over to now to check out this whole raunchy scene and to find all of the freshest sex-crazed coeds online.

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Venus Devil Vibrator Pussy Play

There is nothing sexier to our crew than a hot thin blonde who can’t wait to get herself off on camera. That’s why we love working with 20 year old Venus Devil. “I look forward to my porn shoots so much,” she confesses as she pulls her tank top over her head and tosses it aside. Fucking myself for an audience is like the biggest turn-on I can imagine!”

Topless, Venus gets the shoot started by climbing onto the couch and slapping her hand down on her full round ass through her jean shorts. “These have got to go,” she laughs as she unzips her shorts and slides them down her long legs. Venus’s tan lines are a startling contrast to her glowing bronze skin and blonde hair as she runs her hands up her flat tummy and cups her little boobs. Her long fingers expertly pinch her diamond hard nipples before she seats herself on the couch and spreads her legs so that our cameras can capture her thin landing strip and smooth shaved nether lips.

When she pulls out a pink vibrator, we know that this blonde goddess has a treat in store for our cameras today! She wraps her eager lips around the tip and sucks before bring it down to rub along her little areola. “I’ve never understood girls who only use their toys on their pussies,” she comments as she turns the vibrator on while it rests against her nipple. “There are so many other places that can feel just as good.” If you want to watch Venus show off the many ways that she likes to use a vibrator to pleasure herself all over her horny body and then finally fuck her juicy pussy with the toy until she cums when she can’t stand the anticipation any longer, then head over to now!

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Xenia Cum Craving Coed

20 year old Xenia is attending university in Czech, and she loves to attend class looking a little bit slutty. “I’m not saying that I would sleep with a professor to get a good grade since that would be dishonest, but I do like the idea of my professor and all of my classmates looking at my body. Being watched in public is something that really gets me horny.” Xenia shows off one of her favorite warm weather outfits when she struts around in a bright pink bra and a demi-jacket that she leaves open to frame her long lean figure. Short shorts round out her sexy getup.

“I wore this outfit to class a few times this year before it became too chilly to show so much skin. Everybody stared. I was so happy to show off for them!” What this sex-craving coed loves even more than teasing her classmates and professors with her hot body, though, is getting naked and fucking her landing strip pussy. We didn’t think she was serious when she told us she was a sex addict, but this cum-crazed girl wasn’t kidding about craving the feel of her fingers and toys filling her wet horny twat.

Laying out on the couch and spreading her legs, Xenia spends a few minutes fondling her little tits and pinching her diamond hard nipples before sliding her hands down her tanned tummy and down to her soft pink twat. “I’ve gotten a few dates from dressing like that and they’ve always ended in mutual satisfaction. Why would I ever dress conservatively?” she muses as she massages her needy clit and sinks two fingers deep into her tight hole. Do you want to watch this college cutie finger herself until she cums? If so, head on over to to see her whole raunchy shoot.

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Rita Peach First Time Finger Fuck

26 year old Rita Peach is a hot Czech beauty with a pair of rockin’ big tits that just beg to be licked and sucked. The problem is that Rita is a little bit shy about showing off her amazing assets. “I feel like I am getting better about loving my body, but I spent so long being embarrassed that my boobs were so much bigger than the other girls’. I want to get over that!” Dressed in a tank top with no bra to constrain her heavy breasts, Rita shows off her stunning deep cleavage by dipping her shirt collar low and pressing her knockers together.

Loving the way her soft hands feel on her body, Rita works the shoulders of her shirt down until her all natural breasts spill out and her top is bunched around her flat belly. After a few seconds of wriggling, her short miniskirt falls to the floor so that she can step out of it. Clasping her hands in front of her smooth shaved mound, Rita gives the camera a shy smile. “So I’ve gotten to this point before, no problem. Now I want to go another step further and masturbate for you. Do you want to tape me when I cum?”

Climbing onto a nearby ledge, Rita presses her back to the wall, parts her creamy thighs, and makes herself comfortable. We can see that her tender pussy is already slick with her juices. Rita may be shy, but her delectable body demands a good fuck! Looking up at us through long eyelashes, Rita slides a finger into her mouth and then slides it through her moist folds to press into her tight pussy. “Can you tell I have been thinking about doing this all day? It makes me so wet to know that my chance to finger my pussy on camera is now here.” You can watch this cute coed get herself off right now only at, home of all of the hottest amateur girls online.

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Venus Devil Pounds Her Pussy

Venus Devil is a 20 year old Czech blonde with an insatiable need to fuck her horny pussy until she cums. “I’ve always loved sex more than anything else in the world. It’s not surprising that all of my jobs have revolved around my pleasure.” Dressed in a tank top and loose shorts, Venus is so eager to get started showing off her tanned toned body for our cameras that she climbs on top of a table so that we have a better view. Her huge smile as she hooks her thumbs beneath the spaghetti straps of her top and pulls it down so we can see her lovely little tits tells us how much this cute coed loves to show off.

Venus continues to work her tank top down past her flat belly. When her shirt has bunched around the hem of her shorts, she adds those to the clothing that she pulls down her long legs and drops to the floor. “I just love wearing clothes I can get out of quickly. I don’t like anything to be in the way of getting naked as fast as possible.”

Rolling to her hands and knees, Venus tosses her long blonde hair over her shoulder and turns so that our cameras can capture her delectable backside and the shaved lips of her landing strip pussy. She wiggles her ass seductively before taking a seat on the table and parting her slender thighs so that her dripping twat is at the perfect height to be eaten out. “I’m so wet! I wish I had a toy to fill my pussy, but I didn’t think that far ahead this time. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with just my fingers,” she murmurs as she reaches down to slide a finger deep into her creamy hole. You can find tons of high quality pics and video of this hot number getting down and dirty on the kitchen table right now only at, home of all the freshest girls online.

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Xenia Office Fuck Fantasy

20 year old Xenia from Czech may look like an innocent college coed, but beneath her cute exterior beats the heart of a sexual deviant. “I have so many fantasies I love to think about and even act out,” she admits while she is getting her makeup done for her shoot. “Actually, this room makes me think of one that I am particularly fond of.” When we urge her to tell us more, Xenia waves the makeup artist aside and hops off her chair with an eager smile. “If you insist then I will show you!”

Xenia’s purple tank top and orange miniskirt come off with just a few shakes of her long lean body, leaving her naked. She bends over, sticking her delicious bottom high in the air and giving us a peek at her delectable shaved slit while she fishes through her purse. Standing, she holds up a big dildo for our inspection. “I want to date someone someday who works in an office. I would visit him and close the door, and then take all my clothes off so he could fuck me until I cum.”

Settling back in her makeup chair, Xenia bends her legs at the knees so that her landing strip pussy is fully exposed and open. We can see from across the room that her creamy twat is wet and ready for her toy to penetrate her horny hole. “The thing I find the hottest to think about is that no matter how hard I try I can never stay quiet during a good screw. I am so loud that everyone would know we had just had sex.” Xenia slides the tip of the dildo down her juicy slit as she speaks, and then pushes it home on the last word so that she ends her sentence in a long moan. This sultry sweetie is just getting started pleasuring her horny pussy. Check out all of Xenia’s high quality pics and video now, only at

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