Month: September 2012

Presley Hart Wet Masturbation

All-American cutie Presley Hart is constantly looking out for new ways to make herself feel good. After a long hike to a local swimming hole, all this slender sweetie can think of is getting wet to wash off the sweat. When she rummages through her daypack, though, she discovers that she has forgotten to pack her bathing suit! Fortunately, Presley isn’t bothered. “Oh well. I’ll just strip down to the bare essentials before I go in, I guess.” Sliding out of her hiking boots and pants, Presley wades in.

Finding a trickle of water falling over the rocks, she ducks beneath the spray and wets herself down. The water plasters her white shirt to her all natural breasts and her hard puckered nipples, clearly showing that Presley hiked without a bra. “Oh that water feels so good and cool. In fact, it’s kind of turning me on…” Hooking her fingers into the string of her see-through thong, Presley slips it down her long tan legs and tosses them aside out of the water.

Standing under the waterfall with her shirt plastered to her sensitive boobs, Presley brings a hand up to tweak her hard nipple while simultaneously sliding the other down to the curve of her ass. “I wasn’t horny when I got in here but man this feels amazing. I wonder what it would feel like to get myself off under a waterfall?” Settling herself in the shallow water, Presley uses her hands to gently spread her thighs and expose her creamy shaved pussy. She runs her fingers up and down her juicy slit, focusing plenty of attention on her horny clitoris as she drives herself towards an incredible climax. You can watch Presley finger herself until she cums right now only at, where you can find all of the sexiest girls online brought to you daily.

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Eva Kay Sweet Seduction

It wasn’t my intention to surprise Eva Kay as she was getting ready to take a shower, but we can’t say that I regret my mistake. Wrapped in a short pink towel that didn’t quite reach her lovely round bottom, Eva looked up in surprise when I pushed the door open. “Oh, you startled me! It’s a good thing you came in while I’m still mostly decent. I was just about ready to drop the towel!” I knew I should feel some embarrassment and make an excuse to leave, but I couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering the blonde bombshell’s slender body.

Eva watched me watch her as we stood at an impasse, clutching the towel to her little breasts but letting me look at all of the other assets she was showing off. “You seem so interested,” she murmured at last, breaking the silence. “Was there anything you needed? Anything I can do for you?” She dropped the towel as she spoke and kicked it away, leaving her lean tan body bare for me to stare at. Placing her hands on her flat belly, she slowly raised them up until she was cupping her perfect small tits.

By that point, my mouth was so dry that I couldn’t respond to her question. My dick was pulsing in my pants as I stared at the show that Eva offered so sweetly. Her eyes dropped to the bulge in my pants and she gave a knowing smile, licking her plump lips. “Actually, there was something I was planning on doing for myself. Do you want to watch?” All I could do was nod enthusiastically, and Eva took over from there. Seating herself on the edge of the bathtub, she spread her long legs. I could see little beads of moisture all over her shaved pussy and I knew that her exhibitionism was turning her on, a fact she confirmed when she pushed her fingers deep into her fuck hole and moaned with satisfaction. You can watch Eva’s whole crazy seduction to see what she does next right now only at

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Elissa Cums in Hallway

It’s hard to believe that someone as sweet and cute as 25 year old Elissa could have the mind of a sexual deviant, but this Czech brunette is out to prove that she has an incredible appetite for sex and will do anything to sate her horny pussy! “I used to be a little embarrassed by how much I love to cum, but since I started modeling I have learned to embrace it. Now I believe that anyone who doesn’t love sex as much as I do is really missing out!”

Elissa greets us at the door when we arrive for her shoot wearing a blue and green tank top with bib shorts that she has already unstrapped to leave the buckles hanging loose. Her long brown hair is held back with adorable barrettes, and her smile is all innocence. “Ah, I was just making myself comfortable. Now that you’re here I won’t hold back any more.” Before we can tell her that we need a few minutes to get set up, this sex-crazed coed is already tugging at her clothes! Pulling her overalls down, Elissa reveals her landing strip pussy. She reaches her hand down as she pulls her shorts off to part her shaved lips and show off the glistening pink folds of her juicy twat.

We’re finally caught up and settled down as Elissa loses her tank top. She stands before us, tanned and toned, and runs her hands down her sleek body. Her knees bend as she gracefully drops to the floor, rolling onto her back and kicking her legs up into the air. Reaching down to her rounded ass, she pulls her cheeks apart to give herself quick access to her slick slit. “I’m already so wet. I’ll cum really fast.” Head on over to now to see just how quickly Elissa can reach her orgasm, and to find all of the other hottest coeds on the Internet.

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Presley Hart Kitchen Fantasy

23 year old Presley Hart is a little bit of a tomboy, participating in many sports and generally loving to spend her time hanging out with the guys. “I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble when chilling with the boys has turned into seducing some of my taken friends, but I really can’t be held responsible. It takes two, you know, and I don’t force them to come on to me.”

Dressed in a sheer halter top and flowery shorts, Presley waits in the kitchen for a friend to pick her up for an evening meet up at the bar with the gang. “I don’t know when my buddy’s going to get here, but I’m already feeling a little edgy. I wonder if I have time for a quickie before he gets here…” Tugging at her halter top, Presley doesn’t stay indecisive for long. She unties her top and lets it slide down her slender body, and then shimmies out of her shorts to stand naked except for her outrageous high heels.

Leaning forward to lay her heated cheek against the cool tile of the counter, she runs the palm of her hand down her back to rest on the curve of her rounded ass. Her position puts her shaved juicy slit on blatant display, showing off how wet her sex-craving pussy already is. “I actually like the idea of my buddy walking in on me fucking myself in the kitchen. I’d invite him to join me and I’m pretty sure he’d say yes. I’ve seen the way he looks at me and I know he wants me.” Using that fantasy as fuel for her desire, Presley begins to work her hands over her perky boobs and down to her tender mound before plunging her fingers deep into her tight twat. Head on over to now to check out Presley’s full kitchen masturbation scene in high quality pics and video.

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Eva Kay Foreplay Striptease

21 year old Eva Kay isn’t just gorgeous; she is also spunky, smart, and full of energy. “I’m not a quiet person and I don’t want to live a quiet life. There’s so much fun and opportunity out there if you just have the guts to go after it.” This blonde vixen’s vivacity extends to her occasional modeling career as well, where she approaches each set with obvious enthusiasm.

Dressed in sheer white lingerie that highlights her slender figure and sets off her tan nicely, Eva makes herself comfortable on the bed with just a hint of shyness that we find endearing. “I don’t really do this very often but my boyfriend loves it when I do. Watching my porn together is a huge turn on for both of us.” As Eva strips slowly out of her lingerie, we can definitely that she’s thinking about what she wants to watch herself do later as part of her future foreplay. She has an undeniable grace in her movements and her body is perfectly proportioned with small boobs, a rounded ass, and long legs.

Rolling onto her side, Eva brings her knees up to show us her pink shaved pussy that is already glistening with evidence of her arousal. She slides her hand down her body, stopping to pinch her diamond hard nipple and to squeeze her soft supple ass before she slips a finger deep into her tight hole. “Oh that feels so good. Just thinking about how I’m going to watch this later and fuck my boyfriend makes me so hot I could cum right now!” As her words come out on a moan, Eva pumps her fingers in and out of her sweet twat and begins to build herself up to an amazing climax. You can watch Eva get herself off right now in HD pics and video right now only at, where you can find all of the hottest girls online.

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Elissa Glittery Black Dildo

25 year old Elissa from Czech loves to masturbate, especially with toys. This brunette vixen is eager to get going right away, stripping her shirt off to reveal her all-natural boobs and the delicious curves of her tanned body. “I have been waiting for this all week. I love getting naked and masturbating on camera!” Nude except for her black thong, Elissa runs her hands all over the heated skin of her body, paying plenty of attention to her sensitive nipples and medium sized breasts.

As the temperature in the room skyrockets, Elissa shifts her attention to her thong. Gripping the satiny material in her hand, she pulls up to press the crotch into her slick slit. “Oh,” she moans as she twists her hand to increase the pressure, I could cum just from this. But there’s so much more I want to do to myself first.” She releases her hand with obvious reluctance and then slides her panties down her long slim legs. As the black fabric hits the floor it is impossible to miss the evidence of Elissa’s arousal in the form of glistening creamy juices all over her discarded panties.

Turning to the dresser, Elissa pulls out the drawer and produces a big glittery dildo. She shows it off with a smile before licking the cool tip and then running it down the valley between her horny tits. She circles her belly button, and then works her way past the landing strip of hair that leads the way to her dripping twat. “This is one of my favorite toys. It has brought me so many orgasms, and today it will give me another.” Shoving the black dildo deep into her tight wet hole, Elissa begins pumping it in and out as she uses the toy to fuck herself until she cums. You can catch Elissa’s whole raunchy set in high resolution pics and video right now only at

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Presley Hart Seduces Assistant

23 year old Presley Hart is has a problem where she is attracted only to unavailable men, which has caused plenty of drama in her life! “I don’t know why, but I really get off on seducing men who should be taken. Maybe it’s because it’s a huge ego boost that they can’t help themselves?” Presley doesn’t waste any time in living up to her reputation. Her big eyes roam the room, looking at all of the mens’ left hands until she finds one with a ring on it.

Locking eyes with the director’s assistant, Presley walks over to him and loops her arms around his neck. “I’m gonna rock your world.” The assistant is skittish, but he doesn’t say no. Taking it as a sign that her advances are welcome, Presley presses her slim body against his. “I can feel that you’re already hard and ready for me. Have you ever thought about fucking on camera?” The bewildered assistant doesn’t seem to have an answer, but Presley doesn’t need one. She strips her clothes off slowly, staying close to her man, and then reaches to unbutton his shirt.

As her hands fall to his tented pants, the assistant seems to snap out of his trance long enough to mutter a token protest about his wife. “If she doesn’t watch porn then she’ll never know your dirty little secret.” His decision made, the assistant lets himself get pulled into the sordid fantasy Presley weaves. Pressing her to the outdoor couch, he kisses his way down her neck, licking her small boobs and suckling her diamond hard nipples. Rolling onto her knees, Presley sticks her peachy ass in the air and offers herself to her man. No longer hesitating, the assistant anchors Presley with a hand on her rounded bottom and slams his hard dick deep inside her. You can catch this whole illicit hardcore scene right now in HD pics and video only at

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Melody Jordan Slow Strip

The first thing we noticed about coed hottie Melody Jordan when she joined us in her living room was her radiant smile. This all-natural redhead begins the morning dressed in an organic cotton top with spaghetti straps and a pair of hip-hugging shorts that show off her long legs. Starting at her flat tummy, Melody slowly pushes her shirt up over her perky tits to show off her puffy nipples, shivering as the soft material whispers over her sensitive boobs. “I’m a big believer in ethical clothing. It’s not just about loving the planet; there’s something incredible about the feeling of silky natural fiber on my skin.”

While one hand continues to tweak her hard nipples, the other makes its way back down her body to work open the buttons on her jean shorts. The fly falls open to reveal simple white cotton bikini panties that hug the flair of Melody’s hips. Standing still for a moment to let us admire the incredible sight she makes, she shimmies to slip her shorts down her legs and steps out of them. “I like the way those shorts feel when they’re on, but I really love taking them off. It’s like a signal to my body that I’m going to masturbate.”

Melody heads for a chair to make herself comfortable for some intimate time, but she only makes it partway there before she stops and slides her panties down. She sheds her top next, walking nude the rest of the way to the chair. Settling herself on the soft pleather, Melody parts her creamy thighs and slips a hand between her legs to massage her sensitive clitoris. “I love this chair. I refused to decorate my house with real leather, but this chair feels as soft and supple as the real thing. It’s my favorite place to get myself off.” You can find Melody and all of the Internet’s freshest faces online now only at

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Vanessa Sky Skintight Jeans

18 year old Vanessa Sky has recently broken up with her boyfriend, but she doesn’t let her single status get her down! “I had almost forgotten how much fun it can be to dress up and go out on the town! I’m not really looking for another relationship right now, but I can still enjoy going out to see what’s waiting for me when I’m ready.” We catch up with Vanessa as she’s returning home from a night of partying. Dressed in a soft yellow tank top and skintight black jeans, it’s not hard to believe that this sexy sweetie would make an incredible sight gyrating on the dance floor.

Inside Vanessa’s apartment, she slides her tank top down to free her medium sized boobs. Her long hair covers her perky tits in a sensual slide that soon has her nipples hard and eager, and she makes a soft whimper of pleasure when she reaches up to pinch one sensitive tip. “I met some really hot guys and girls tonight. We took turns dancing together, holding each other nice and close. I’m still so turned on when I think about it.” She unzips her pants as she reminisces, squirming out of the tight material until her jeans lay at her feet on the floor.

Making her way to a low dresser, Vanessa sits on the edge of the cool hard wood and spreads her thighs to access her sweet shaved pussy. We can see that she’s already wet and ready as the light glistens off of her moist folds. She slides her fingertips across the inside of her thigh, shivering at the flirty sensation before pressing two fingers against her horny clitoris and massaging slowly. “Oh, I’ve wanted to do this all night. Clubbing is such a turn on when I meet sexy people!” Reaching down to pull open the top drawer, Vanessa removes a small dildo before pushing it closed. She drops to her knees on the floor, leaning forward and spreading her legs to open herself so she can push the little dildo deep into her tight hole. Head over to right now to watch Vanessa fuck herself until she cums and to enjoy her whole set of high quality pics and video.

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Sapphire Blue Steamy Shower Play

After a long day of dancing, buxom UK beauty Sapphire Blue needs a shower to cool down and freshen up. “I love everything about dance, but one of my favorite things is washing away the grime after a good workout. I love the feeling of the water washing over my skin.” Wrapped in a fluffy white towel with her long blonde hair piled atop her head, Sapphire enters the walk-in shower and turns the water on to warm. As soon as the spray of water reaches the right temperature, she discards the towel to reveal the full bounty of her voluptuously curvy body and big bouncing breasts.

Stepping beneath the shower spray, Sapphire turns around slowly to moisten her skin. Then she pours some floral-scented liquid soap into her hands and rubs her palms together vigorously to create suds that she begins to spread all over her stunning body “I’m very meticulous when I shower,” she comments as she runs her hands up and down her smooth legs and her shaved mound. “There’s nothing better than knowing I’m clean all over.” Another dollop of soap gives her enough suds to work over her flat belly and to cover her huge tits. She takes her time with the heavy globes, paying lots of attention to her taut nipples and big areolas.

Once she is assured that she hasn’t missed a spot on her satiny soft skin, Sapphire steps beneath the shower’s spray to let the water sluice the bubbles away. Well after the soap is gone, Sapphire’s hands continue to roam her chest and play with her diamond hard nipples. “Mmm, that warm water really relaxes me, but it also makes me feel kind of horny.” Reaching above her head to remove the shower wand from its anchoring, Sapphire adjusts the spray to massage and aims it at her long neck. She lowers the showerhead down her body slowly, stretching out the pleasure before finally reaching her ultimate destination: her juicy pussy. Check out Sapphire’s whole steamy shower scene right now only at, home of the Internet’s hottest sexy girls.

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