Month: January 2012

Jillian Dildo Play

Jillian is a twenty-two year old, brunette beauty born and raised in Russia. One of Jillian’s favorite forms of relaxation is to curl up in her bed with a really good erotic book. "I love to read naughty books." Jillian said with a sexy smile, "Its the best way to get myself in the mood to play!" She looked super hot in the short pink dress she was wearing. It accentuated every curve on her voluptuous body. Jillian also had a gorgeous face that was framed by her long, dark brown hair. Because of Jillian’s love of erotic books we decided to capture it all on camera-Jillian in bed with a naughty book, doing naughty things.

After reading only a few pages, Jillian felt herself becoming horny as usual. “Works every time.” She said smiling. She then began to untie her halter dress from the the back of her neck. She peeled the dress down and revealed to the camera her full, perky tits and erect nipples. "I have a nice rack, yes?" Jillian asked the camera man giggling girlishly. Yes, she did indeed have a very ‘nice rack.’ Jillian peeled the dress down further, showing off her flat tummy before letting the dress drop all the way down onto the bed. She was not wearing panties underneath so her shaved pussy was fully exposed and it was even nicer than her rack if you can believe that. Jillian then produced a pink vibrating toy from behind a pillow. "Now the fun really starts!" Jillian said with another giggle. She had a very sensual look in her bedroom eyes that made you excited at what she might do next.

Jillian got the toy nice and wet before bringing it down between her legs. She teased her clit and the camera for a few minutes before she decided to get a better grip on herself on her hands and knees in doggy style position. She stuck her nice, round ass up in the air and spread herself open wide. Then she brought the pink toy to the slit between her legs and slowly, she slid it inside herself. It felt so good in her tight pussy that Jillian couldn’t help herself from letting out a moan filled with pleasure. Soon, Jillian was pounding her pussy hard with the toy, bringing herself to an explosive orgasm. See this sexually explicit scene for yourself right now, only at

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Kali Kenzington Blowjob Dream

Nineteen year old Kali Kenzington from Southern California is a smoking hot red head who definitely knows a thing or two about pleasing a man. In this erotic sex scene Kali immediately got down on her knees and began rubbing her man’s cock through his boxer shorts. He became instantly hard so Kali then proceeded to take out his cock and put it deep into her eager and ready mouth. Kali loved the sense of power that she felt whenever she gave a man a blow job. "I may be on my knees but I’ve got him by the balls." Kali had said to me before the shoot. "When I’m sucking his dick, I have all the power. Plus guys really seem to love it." She added with a naughty smile. Kali was a very gorgeous girl. Tall with beautiful red hair that fell down her back in soft curls. Light blue eyes and a super sweet smile. If you are into red heads then Kali is the perfect girl for you. If you aren’t into red heads, then you will be soon.

After Kali had licked and sucked her lover’s hard cock for quite awhile, she withdrew her lips and then stood up in front of him and in front of the cameras. She grasped the bottom of her sheer blue night dress then lifted it up and over her head. Fully naked, Kali looked even more gorgeous then before. She had smooth, white skin that reminded me of peaches and cream. Her tits were small and perky, her nipples small and pink. She had a flat stomach with a pierced belly button, long sexy legs, a hot shaved pussy, and her ass was simply the pink of perfection. Kali turned around then and proceeded to mount her man in reverse cowgirl position. He helped her slide down his dick with his hands on her hips. Once she had him comfortably fit inside her tight pussy, Kali began riding him up and down, faster and faster. As she did so, Kali felt herself become excruciatingly horny and her pussy became dripping wet with her horniness.

Kali and her lover fucked in reverse cowgirl position for a long time until Kali decided that she wanted to take him from behind. He had no objection to this suggestion and so the two lovers repositioned themselves on the bed in doggy style position. He couldn’t seem to get enough of Kali’s ass. He kept grabbing it and spanking it which only turned Kali on even more. She moaned out loud, her voice full of pleasure, gripping the bed spread as he pounded his cock deep inside of her. If you’d like to watch this hardcore video for yourself, plus see a lot more of the sexy Kali Kenzington, then go to right now.

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Vanessa Cage Outdoor Masturbation

Nineteen year old hottie, Vanessa Cage, wanted to fulfill her fantasy of stripping in the great outdoors. Luckily for us, we got it all captured on camera. Vanessa walked outside topless, wearing only a pair of short denim shorts over pink polka dotted panties, a pair of tan stilettos, a belly button ring, and smile. ‘This is so thrilling!" Vanessa exclaimed as she danced across the grass in her heels. Her tanned skin glistened in the sun light that also lit up her blue eyes, making them bright vibrant. Vanessa turned to the cameras with a sexual look in her eyes. Slowly, she brought her hands to the button on her shorts. Soon Vanessa was slipping them off and revealing her silk, polka dotted panties which she soon discarded as well.

Before long, Vanessa was completely naked except for her high heels. And she looked damn fine too. Vanessa bent down to pick up her denim shorts. She carried them over to some brick steps. There she dropped the shorts down onto the top step and then got down on her knees, using the shorts to protect herself against scraping. Vanessa positioned her hot body into the doggy style position and stuck her firm, bare ass up into the air. Vanessa reached back to give her booty a nice spank. She smiled at the camera and then began caressing her ass. She started moving her hand toward the slit between her legs and soon she was caressing herself there as well.

Vanessa turned over and sat her butt down her shorts. Facing the camera, Vanessa slowly opened her legs, displaying her hot pink pussy. She was completely shaved so everything was fully exposed. Vanessa brought a manicured finger to her clit and began caressing herself sensually. Her nipples hardened and her pussy became wet. Vanessa slipped a finger inside herself to feel her own silky wetness. Playing with herself outdoors was making her extremely horny. For some reason, she found the whole scene wonderfully erotic. But then again, Vanessa found a lot of things wonderfully erotic. See what other naughty things Vanessa does in this sexually explicit outdoor photo shoot, only at

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Zoey Kush Wet Fun

Zoey Kush is one hot brunette with a very healthy sexual appetite. At nineteen years of age, she has that cute and petite type of body you just can’t get enough of. All tight, slender, and smooth skin. Zoey was born and bred in America and she is the ultimate girly girl-sweet heart. She loves traveling, modeling, and of most of all- sex! "I have never gotten bored with sex." Zoey told me one Saturday afternoon as she was getting ready to take a warm shower. "Whenever I hear my girlfriends talking about how they get bored with sex with their boyfriends, I just do not understand it. How can sex ever get boring? If it ever even comes close to ‘not exciting’ then all you have to do is try something new or fun or kinky to spice things up. And the possibilities in that area are endless! Try toys, costumes, role playing, whips, chains, whatever you need to do!" Zoey laughed but I could tell she wasn’t joking, she was serious. And I liked it.

As she spoke, Zoey let the towel that she had wrapped around her hot body, drop to the floor. Fully naked now, Zoey walked across her bathroom to the tiled shower and leaned in to turn on the water. She put her hand under the running water until it reached the desired temperature. Before stepping in, Zoey turned to give the camera a seductively sweet smile. She tossed her mane of dark curls over her shoulder and let the water run down onto just her toes. "Have you ever had sex in the shower?" She asked, leaning against the wall of the shower. Then without waiting for an answer she said, "It is so amazing." She said it dreamily with a faraway smile that told me she was fantasizing about one of her steamy sex sessions she’d had in her shower with one of her fuck buddies.

Zoey stepped forward to let the warm water cascade down over her whole body. Her skin glistened as she let the water soak her completely. She closed her eyes and slowly began caressing her breasts. Her nipples hardened and Zoey ran one hand down her her stomach until it reached her shaved pussy. She touched a finger to her clit and began rubbing it softly and sensually. Then she moved her fingers lower, slipping one into the pink slit between thighs. As she fingered her horny pussy, Zoey began to moan softly. See the rest of this steamy hot photo session, only at

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Tiffany Fox Pantie Striptease

Tiffany Fox is one very foxy brunette. She is nineteen years old with a super cute and petite body type. Her long dark hair fell all the way down her back and looked beautiful against her pearly white skin. She had an adorably sweet face that matched her sweet personality perfectly. " That’s funny because ‘sweet’ is the one word I think all my friends would use to describe me." Tiffany said when I told her what a sweet girl I thought she was. It is not often that you meet a girl as hot as she is with such a sweet personality to go with it. I think that makes her even hotter. Plus I loved that Tiffany was so excited about her photo and video shoot with us. "I always get excited before a shoot." Tiffany said, "Because I always have so much fun and I really love getting to play my naughty side when I get in front of the camera." Tiffany did look extra naughty for this shoot in a black bra and panty set with matching black knee-high boots. The all black ensemble looked amazing against her white skin.

Tiffany really wasn’t kidding about bringing out her naughty side when she got in front of the camera. Right away she was showing off her hot body in all the right poses; putting one boot clad foot up on a chair to show off her long sexy legs, swaying her hips back and forth to show off her womanly curves. Tiffany then reached back with one hand to unhook her bra and soon she had exposed her set of full, ripe breasts. She bounced her tits and swung her bra around in her hand, doing a full on erotic strip tease. She was really having a blast and it showed. Tiffany then sat down in the chair, crossed her legs and tossed the bra aside. Then she reached up with both hands to caress her bare breasts and twist her pink nipples.

After making her nipples nice and hard, Tiffany decided to change positions. She got onto her hands and knees on the leather chair in doggy style position with her booty facing toward the camera. Her deliciously juicy ass was all pearly white skin and looked super sexy in the black thong. Her ass was so nice it made you just want to spank it. Tiffany threw a look over her shoulder that might have said she wanted to be spanked. I decided to ask her and when I did she laughed a naughty little laugh and said; "Spanking is one of my all time favorite fetishes!" With that, Tiffany reached back to pull down her thong and exposed her bare ass and hot pink pussy. Then Tiffany put one hand up in the air and brought it down hard onto her ass cheek, giving herself a nice, full on spanking. See what other fun and sexy activities Tiffany can come up with right now at

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Vanessa Cage Finger Fuck

Vanessa Cage is nineteen years old, blonde, and beautiful. She was born and raised in texas but she just recently moved to Florida. "Yes, some people might think that because I was brought up in Texas, I’m one of those good Southern girls but actually I’m quite the opposite." Vanessa told me before her photo shoot. She had a hint of a Southern accent in her voice. "I was always a very naughty little girl." Vanessa said giggling. "I was always getting into trouble for sneaking off and making out with the boys. And I was the first one out of all my friends to lose my virginity. I was fourteen!" Vanessa exclaimed. Even I was surprised. That is pretty young! "Okay, I’m ready now." She said checking her appearance one last time in the mirror. She was dressed in denim shorts and a simple top. Her shoulder length blonde hair was styled in loose curls, her skin was beautifully tanned, and her lips were a pink and glossy.

As soon as Vanessa was in front of the camera and up on the bed, she pulled off her t-shirt and tossed it to the side. Underneath it she wore a gray bra, but she didn’t keep that on for very long either. She soon discarded it and suddenly her full, ripe breasts and nice, big nipples were fully exposed. Vanessa smiled and squeezed her nice tits then ran her hands down the length of her torso to unbutton and unzip her denim shorts. She peeled them down to her juicy thighs and revealed her hot, shaved pussy. When Vanessa was completely naked she turned around and got on her hands and knees in doggy style position. Her curvy ass looked amazingly hot in this position especially when she threw a naughty smile over her shoulder and started doing the booty shake. Vanessa was a girl of many talents.

Vanessa then switched positions and lay down on her side, stretching her nice legs out on the blue bedspread. She had three stars tattooed on one of her feet and her cute toes were painted bright pink. Her finger nails were bright pink with white tips and her naval was pierced with a dangling belly button ring. Vanessa caressed her tits again, this time squeezing her nipples, and making them nice and hard. She then ran one hand down to her pink clit, where she proceeded to tease herself with one finger. Vanessa felt herself becoming excited and she just couldn’t resist slipping a finger into her horny box. When she felt her own silky wetness, Vanessa reached back to get a better grip and finger bang herself from behind. See the rest of this naughty photo shoot right now, only at

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Zoey Kush Masturbation Queen

Zoey Kush is an all-American, nineteen-year-old sweet heart. She is extremely beautiful with her cascades of long dark curls that fall all the way down to her small waist in loose waves. Her body is slim, slender and sexy. Her face is young and gorgeous, her smile-white and dazzling. Basically, Zoey Kush is a perfect ten. Her adorably cute personality is also a perfect ten. And in this naughty photo shoot, Zoey looked like a comfy, cozy, cutie pie as she lounged around her living room in a white, cotton night dress and matching white, cotton thong. She smiled her dazzling white smile into the camera and spread her legs open wide, turning her all white ‘virginity look’ into a look of full on sex appeal. It doesn’t get much hotter than that.

Zoey teased the camera with naughty looks in her bedroom eyes and her legs spread open wide. Then she lifted the white night gown up over her head and tossed it to the side. Her bare breasts were fully exposed and they were quite a sight to behold- full, round, and ripe with nicely sized, hard nipples. Zoey caressed her tits erotically before getting up off the hard wood floor and crawling up onto her white sofa. She positioned herself on her hands and knees in doggy style position. Zoey reached back and peeled down her white thong to reveal her curvy, white booty.

Zoey peeled her panties the rest of the way off and stood up to give the camera the full frontal shot of her completely naked body. Then she lay back down on the sofa, this time on her back. Again, Zoey spread her legs open wide, this time fully exposing her pink pussy which was completely shaved bald. Zoey caressed her her breasts softly and then slowly she moved her hands down below her flat stomach to touch her hard clit. She was feeling extremely horny, so she decided to continue playing with herself, conveniently forgetting that there was a camera crew capturing her every sensual move. Watch Zoey get herself off in this sexually explicit photo and video spread, only at

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Tiffany Fox Petite Babe

Fresh faced, teen model, Tiffany Fox is an all American hottie with a smoking hot body. The brunette babe just began modeling at nineteen years of age and she says that she is now having the time of her life. “Ever since one of my girlfriends introduced me to the photographer who got me my first nude modeling gig I have just been living la vida loca!” Tiffany told us this with a dazzling white smile on her angelically sweet face. “I love all the traveling and all the excitement, the craziness, and most of all…I love the huge amounts of naughty and naked sexual activities!” Tiffany let out a sexy little giggle and continued; “I have been trying so many fun new things and I just love it!” Tiffany may look a little on the ‘sweet and innocent side’ but do not be fooled by this little sex kitten; she is a whole lot more naughty than you might think. Especially in this photo set of Tiffany dressed (and undressed) to impress, in (and out) of a bright pink bra and panty set with matching pink socks.

As soon as Tiffany got in front of the camera she instantly cranked up the heat and the sex appeal. Tiffany began slipping off the straps of her bright pink bra and soon her set of perky, round tits were fully exposed along with her set of pink, hard nipples. Tiffany tossed the bra to the side and continued her love affair with the camera by showing off her smoking hot body in a series of sexually explicit poses. Tiffany looked amazing and she knew it. With her full, bouncing breasts above her flat, hard stomach with it’s sexy pierced naval; Tiffany had captivated everyone on the set.

Tiffany then got up on her knees and turned around to show off what she was working with on the back side. Surprise surprise; it was just like the rest of her body- hot as fuck. Tiffany slid her hands into her pink panties and peeled them down to reveal her bare ass which was round and curvy and so so sexy. Her panties were soon discarded and Tiffany was then completely naked except for her knee-high pink socks. Tiffany ran her hands slowly up her juicy thighs and grabbed onto her ass cheeks. Then she slipped a finger into the pink slit between her legs and wowed her audience once more. See even more of this gorgeous girl right now at

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Vanessa Cage Sensual Fucking

Vanessa Cage is a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty who loves to give blow jobs. "After I give a guy a blow job I can get him to do anything I want." Vanessa said as she got ready for her hardcore sex scene. "He instantly becomes wrapped around my little finger because BJ’s are my specialty." Vanessa smiled proudly. She had a very pretty smile. Perfectly white teeth and very pretty pink lips that made you imagine them wrapped around your cock. Her lips of course, not her teeth. When Vanessa was ready she walked on to the set to meet her man. As soon as she dropped her robe his cock was hard. Vanessa was pleased. She smiled at him and then, naked, she got down on her knees. Vanessa took him in her mouth and soon, his fantasy of her lips around his cock became a reality.

As Vanessa expertly licked and sucked her lover’s hard dick, I started to understand why her blow jobs made men fall so madly in love with her. She definitely had some skills. And before long her skills had her man moaning loudly until he had to force her to stop. It was just in the nick of time too. He gasped for a moment, trying to catch his breath. Vanessa smiled a very satisfied smile before saying; "So can I climb aboard and ride you now?" Obviously, he had no objection to this so Vanessa mounted him and, slowly, she slid his very hard dick into her very wet pussy as the cameras rolled, capturing her every sexually explicit move.

Vanessa rode her man’s hard cock slowly and sensually, savoring how amazing he felt inside her. Her pussy was perfectly tight and it fit his dick like a glove. As she started to pick up speed, Vanessa’s full, round breasts started bouncing erotically and she could feel her hot pussy getting more and more wet as she rode him faster and faster. Vanessa loved to tease her pussy by getting as close to the climax as possible and then stopping herself just before. "When you do this it makes you more and more horny and it makes the orgasm even better and way more intensified." Vanessa explained as she switched into reverse cowgirl position. Want to see this hardcore video for yourself plus a whole lot more? Then check out right now to see it all.

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Allie James Perky Tits

Allie James had just recently turned eighteen years old. She was so excited about finally becoming a legal adult that she decided to celebrate this mile stone by showing off her hot body in a naughty nude photo shoot just for us! Yes, we certainly felt lucky because Allie James is one hot blonde who really has got it all going on. From her gorgeous face with those bright green eyes and dazzling white smile to her banging body with those big luscious tits and womanly curves in every direction you look. "Doing a nude photo shoot has always been a sexual fantasy of mine." Allie told us, "So when I finally turned eighteen I figured; what better way to celebrate my birthday than by making one of my sexual fantasies come to life?" So of course we were more than happy to accommodate Allie in fulfilling her birthday wish. When she got in front of the camera and lifted up her orange t-shirt every person on the set was simply in awe of Allie’s beautiful pair of full ripe breasts.

Allie smiled her dazzling smile into the camera lens. "This is so much fun!" She exclaimed like an excited kid in a candy store (or maybe a sex toy store in her case) and tossed her orange shirt to the side. Topless with full tits bouncing, Allie tossed her long blonde mane over her shoulder and turned around to show off her cute booty in a pair of white short shorts. She had long sexy legs and peachy white skin. Allie began peeling down her shorts, exposing the top of her bare ass. "No, I’m not wearing panties under these shorts." Allie giggled. "I hardly ever wear panties."

Allie let her shorts fall to the floor around her ankles. She kicked them aside before slowly turning around to face the camera. Just as I had expected, her pink pussy was completely shaved and completely hot as fuck. Allie smiled a naughty little smile and sat her naked ass down on the white couch. Slowly and sensually, she spread her legs open to the camera. She reached up to touch her pink nipples with her pink manicured fingers. After making her nipples nice and hard, Allie ran her hands down her flat tummy until she reach her hot bald box. Watch what Allie does next, only at

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