Month: May 2012

Nina James Sheer Nightie

Twenty year old Nina James is a busty beauty from the United States. She looked especially sexy dressed in a soft pink sheer nightie that didn’t do much to conceal her curvy body. It cascaded down her hips, barely covering her round booty. If you look closely you can see her dark nipples showing through the double layer of fabric. Nina propped herself on the cold quartz countertop of the bathroom vanity, placing one leg up in front of her. Her long, dark curls fell loosely over her full tits, brushing her arms as she playfully teased the camera. Lifting her nightie for just a second, Nina gave a quick flash of what was under her nightie. For a brief moment, I was able to catch a glimpse of part of her sweet pussy through her sheer pink panties… just enough to see a small patch of dark pubic hair trailing down to her pussy lips. She quickly dropped her nightie again and shot the camera an innocent smile. "That’s all you get!" she joked.

It was clear that Nina is a girl who really enjoys the tease. In fact, she had let us in on a little secret earlier. "My flirtatious teasing has gotten me into trouble more than once. But it’s just so much fun that I sometimes don’t even realize I’m doing it." There’s nothing wrong with a little temptation now and then. It has a way of drawing you in, rousing your desires and leaving you wanting more. Lucky for us though, Nina is also a girl who knows when the time for teasing is over and she’s not one to leave us high and dry. One by one, she slowly exposed her abundant breasts by pulling the top of her lingerie to the side. It was well worth the wait! Her tits are a slice of heaven… full all the way around not so big that they lost their perkiness. Her dark nipples were already standing to attention, but she gave them a couple of good tweaks with her fingers anyway before letting us snap several pictures of the perfection.

You can always tell when a girl really enjoys her job, and it was obviously that Nina loves hers. She took her time, not in a hurry to "just get it over with" like a lot of girls. Once she was fully naked, her sheer lingerie and panties laying in a small crumpled pile on the floor, Nina turned her attention to her horny pink. She used her fingers for a few minutes, teasing her pussy and getting it nice and worked up. Then she reached for her battery-powered toothbrush that was sitting on the counter. "You know, I have a ton of sex toys but for some reason I end up using this more than probably all of my toys combined," she told us, holding the toothbrush up to her mouth. She gave the back of the head a few good licks, leaving in nice and wet. She flipped the power on as she opened her legs wide, exposing her mostly-shaved pink pussy. Using her fingers, she spread her soft pussy lips open long enough to get the wet head of her toothbrush centered on her tiny clit. Once it was right where she wanted it, Nina leaned back on the countertop, propping herself up on one elbow, and got to work pleasuring her aroused pussy with her unconventional toy. You can see the entire naughty set at, bringing you fresh new horny girls every week.

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Izzy Taylor Sporty Siren

22 year old Izzy Taylor is the perfect combination of down home sweetheart mixed with feisty and naughty attitude. I noticed this from the moment that I walked into her bedroom, where I was about to shoot her for her very first time. Her seductive eyes and alluring smile made her irresistible to my camera. "Are you ready to shoot?" I asked in anticipation. "No, are YOU ready?" Izzy responded. At that moment, I knew that Izzy’s sweet innocence would soon be taken over by her insatiable sexual appetite. As she rolled up her shirt over the tiniest little waist and pulled down her shorts to expose her flawless supple ass, she turned to the camera and smiled as if to say, "I’m ready for you to rock my world."

With Izzy’s playful and wild side revealing itself, she was quick to throw off her jean shorts and gently slip off her vibrant panties, leaving her tight shaved pussy available for all to see. She seductively pulled up her shirt to reveal that she was wearing no bra because Izzy says “I love to show off my beautiful perky tits!” Beautiful tits they were with such hard and bitable nipples. If anything was obvious in this photo shoot, it was that Izzy has the sexiest tight little body. Her rock hard abs and sexy long legs prove why this sensual seductress is always surrounded by jocks.

As Izzy finished removing her shirt she quickly rolled on to her back and started to suck her fingers. She was so turned on by someone watching her undress that she said “I’m SO wet!” Her warm moist fingers slid gently into her pussy and she moaned from the absolute pleasure that she felt. Izzy kept sliding her fingers deeper in, and then she would pull them out and suck the juice right off of her hands. As she slowly teased herself, and me, with this enticing move she leaned in to me and said, “do you want to see what gets me off?” You can see Izzy Taylor’s tantalizing pussy and fingers in action at, where fresh new faces are only the beginning!

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Alexis Crystal Stuffs Her Pussy

19 year old Czech beauty Alexis Crystal is a playful flirt who loves to tease. She was a bit of a mischief maker when she was a kid, and even now that she’s grown she still loves to play pranks and practical jokes. "I have a weird sense of humor. Most of my friends don’t really get my jokes. But at least I can make myself laugh," she told us earlier. I find it very sexy when a girl can laugh at herself, and sex appeal is something Alexis definitely isn’t lacking. She looked especially hot for this photo shoot, dressed in a red baby-doll shirt that barely covered her tight, firm ass with a little red thong underneath. She sat on the edge of the sofa and teasingly pulled the front of her top down, inching it down slowly until finally her round perky tits were completely exposed. Her puffy pink nipples were very tempting indeed… even Alexis couldn’t keep her hands off of them. She brushed her fingertips gently across her nipples and they clearly enjoyed the attention.

Alexis peeled off her shirt and then her thong panties. She belly-flopped onto the sofa with a laugh, then rolled onto her side with her petite tits pointed at the camera. She was very comfortable in front of the camera and moved effortlessly. A lot of models are either too nervous or too focused on what they’re doing to be able to hold a conversation and pose at the same time, but Alexis was obviously neither. She chatted freely about her journey into woman-hood, her first kiss, her first boyfriend. One of her big unfulfilled fantasies is to have a threesome. "I’m not really into girls. I would have a threesome with a guy and another girl just for the experience, but I’d much rather do it with two guys," she told us. You certainly wouldn’t have to twist my arm to watch that! I would love to see her tight holes filled with multiple cocks at the same time.

Reaching under the sofa pillow, Alexis brought out a neon green textured toy. She gave it a few sucks and then spread her legs to expose her naked shaved pussy. Using her spit as lube, Alexis glided the vibrator up and down between her pussy lips a few times, then focused on her clit for a few minutes. She rubbed the toy in circles around her clitoris and flicked it back and forth, and I could tell it was getting more and more sensitive with each passing minute. Once her clit was fully aroused, Alexis stood and propped one foot up on the sofa, reaching the toy behind her and straight to her wet pussy. She slipped just the tip in at first, twisting it around in a spiral motion and reached for her nipple with her other hand. Alexis was really starting to get into it now and it seemed like she almost forgot we were there, snapping pictures of the whole erotic scene. If you’d like to check out the entire naughty masturbation set, you can find the whole thing in high resolution, exclusively at

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Ashlynn Taylor Hardcore Vixen

Watching 18 year old Ashlynn Taylor masturbate and cum all over her toys was just a teaser to me. I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside of her. The temptation was overwhelming after spending a few hours staring at this playful dick tease pleasure herself. Her alluring smile and smoky eyes drew me in like a moth to a flame. She had this way about her; something that can only be described as irresistible. My body ached and yearned for her sweet tender pussy, and the time had finally come. It was time for our shoot together. Immediately, I threw her on the bed and looked at the camera guy who was shocked by the ferocity in my gestures. I asked her if she was ready for the pounding of her life. I anticipated her response, but I never dreamed she would say one simple phrase that would drive me crazy with desire to this day… “Fuck me!”

When I slipped off her soaking wet panties, my cock started to throb as I thought of jamming it in her. I had to show Ashlynn how bad I wanted her, and biting the side of her neck was only one way to attempt that. I swept her off the bed and threw her in the air so she could ride my cock. The first penetration into that warm tight pussy was the exact feeling I had been waiting for all day. Finally, I had my hard dick inside of this girl and I couldn’t have dreamed of anything that would feel better. “It feels so good” she said when I started to thrust in and out. Her moans of pleasure were turning me on that I instantly felt like I was going to cum. My desire for this girl had built up all day, and I was finally capable of relieving the tortuous teasing.

Once I had fucked Ashlynn for a while and made her sweet pussy juice pour out on to my cock, I was ready to blow. The ecstasy of her tiny waist, perky tits and supple lips drove me to the point of no return. This was it, I was about to blow my load in this hot girl. When she asked, “Are you gonna cum?” with the eagerness of a starving lioness, I immediately felt the rush of a climax. At that moment, she jumped off my dick and went straight on her knees. She looked up at me and said, “Cum in my mouth”. Never had I experienced such enthusiasm from someone her age. She shoved my cock deep into her throat and I let out the biggest sigh of reprieve you could imagine. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock as I was filling her mouth with my gizz. This encounter was everything I had hoped for and more. To this day I still can’t believe that I fucked this sex fiend. To watch Ashlynn and so many other cum hungry girls, visit; where the only thing hotter than the girls are the tight succulent pussies.

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Lacey Leveah Soapy Pussy

After a long day of masturbating, 19 year old Lacey Leveah headed to the bathroom with one thing on her mind… a nice relaxing bath. When we followed her in with the cameras though, she quickly realized this wouldn’t be the quiet, soothing soak she had thought. Lacey played right along though, teasing us with flashes of that hot naked body under her towel. "I almost always masturbate in the bath anyway, so you might as well get it on camera, right?" she joked. Lacey started filling the tub and dumped in about half of the bottle of bubble bath. While she waited for it to fill and bubble, she settled on the bathroom floor for some more playful teasing.

The bubbles were brewing in the bath a lot faster than the tub was filling, and as Lacey watched the suds rise, a naughty expression washed over her face. She stood, letting her towel drop to the floor, and scooped a huge mound of bubbles in the palm of her hand. "I think this is why I love baths so much. I mean, besides the orgasm that always comes with a bath. I love playing with the bubbles! When I was little I use to make designer outfits out of the bubbles and try to get one whole outfit done before they started disappearing." She paused for a moment and then giggled quietly. "Don’t tell anybody, but I still do that sometimes," she admitted as her cheeks blushed slightly. Don’t worry Lacey… we won’t tell a soul. She was having fun covering her little pink nipples with a small pile of suds, then blowing them away and doing it again. Then she got to work trying to conceal her puffy pussy, making a bikini bottom out of the foam. Lacey was having so much fun that it made me want to hop into that huge mountain of bubbles and start designing my own outfits.

Once the bathtub was full, Lacey sat on the edge with her legs in the warm soapy water. She began scooping out handfuls and foam and water and letting them run down her tight, ripe body. She smeared the suds all over her smooth skin like it was lotion and then poured handfuls of water over them, letting it trickle down her perfect perky titties and back into the tub. Completely covered in the white soapy froth, Lacey climbed out of the tub and hiked one leg up onto the side. She bent over, exposing her slick wet pussy with its thick, meaty lips standing to attention between her legs. As she began kneading her tight little ass with her soft wet hands, she spoke up. "I think I still have one more orgasm in me waiting to come out. What do you think?" Well of course I wouldn’t turn down ANY number of orgasms this sexy devil had hiding in her dripping wet pussy… would you? If you’d like to see more,

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Tonya Tight Twat

19 year old Tonya craves sex like most women crave chocolate. To look at her you would never guess. She looks so innocent and sweet. Tonya may be sweet, but she’s far from the innocent girl she appears to be. She’s still so young that she hasn’t had very many years to experiment sexually, but this naughty Nubiles has a long list of things she wants to try… anal sex being at the top of her list. "I’m kind of addicted to masturbating," she tells us. "I don’t have a boyfriend right now so usually when I want an orgasm I have to do it myself. I don’t mind though… I have lots of toys to help out." She shoots a mischievous smile at the camera as she climbs onto her hands and knees on the bed, pulling her pink nightie up to show off her ass in a pink glittery thong.

Tonya kicks back on the bed, rolling onto her side as she pulls her nightie up even higher, exposing her perky tits. Next her panties come off and Tonya tosses them on the bed beside her. Her tight pink pussy peeks out from between her legs with her pussy lips pressed together, protecting the sweet, wet hole tucked inside. Tonya trails her fingernails lightly over her stomach and straight to her tits, fondling them like a horny teenage boy. She runs her fingers over them, back and forth and then in circles around her nipples, breaking the pattern to give them a soft pinch and twisting them between her fingers.

After she removes her nightie, Tonya hones in on her horny pussy. She spreads her legs open wide, lifting one up over her head. She reaches behind her legs and grabs the top of her inner thigh, pulling it open to spread her delicate pussy lips apart. Now her moist pink fuck-hole is exposed, and I can almost hear it calling my name. "My pussy’s already wet. It keeps reminding me that I haven’t had my orgasm yet today. I think it’s about time, don’t you?" If there’s one thing you’ll never catch me doing, it’s denying a horny girl an orgasm, especially when I get to watch and take pictures. You can find the entire set at, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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Molly Bennett Pink Pussy

Cute, bubbly Molly Bennett is an eighteen year old sex kitten from the United States. Being only 18, she’s only been doing adult modelling for a few months now and so far has loved every minute of it. "I LOVE posing naked and having sex on camera," Molly had told us when we interviewed her. "I had never even thought about doing it until after I turned 18, but now it’s my dream job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything." She’s such a natural in front of the camera. She poses for us today in a curve-hugging mini skirt and thin pink tank top over a bra that pushes her boobs up for maximum cleavage. Her curvy hips and legs finish off a very feminine figure. This girl has an incredible body and she flaunts it so well.

Molly has fun stripping off her tank top and bra, playfully teasing the camera with her eyes as she strikes a series of sexy poses. Her perky titties are now on full display, and she reaches up with both hand and gives both nipples a little pinch and a tug, instantly making them hard from the sensation. "Do you like my boobies?" she asks. Before anybody could answer, she adds "I really like them. I think they’re perfect the way they are. I don’t mean to sound vain, but girls are almost never happy with their own natural boobs and it’s sad because all boobs are beautiful, I think." I couldn’t agree more. Well, at least for the most part. There are exceptions to every rule but Molly certainly doesn’t fit that exception.

Chatting happily while she poses, Molly goes on to tell us about her experiences with other girls. Before she started having sex on camera, Molly had actually been with more girls than guys. "I’m not a lesbian or anything… it’s just that I don’t really like boys my own age, so in high school I tended to have my sexual fun with girls instead." That, of course, fills my mind with all sorts of naughty images, but I manage to stay focused on Molly and her hot mostly-naked body. Once her clothes are off and laying in a small pile on the floor, she takes a seat in the clear plastic chair. Molly leans back and scoots her butt forward, spreading her legs open to show off her little pink pussy. It’s already flushed pink, her perfectly sized pussy lips sticking out only slightly from between her legs. As expected, her moist pussy is just as sexually arousing as the rest of her body. Molly is completely naked now but she isn’t done yet. This sexy girl still has a lot of naughty left in her. If you want to see what Molly does next, go to, bringing you more than one thousand other hot and horny girls all waiting to please.

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Lacey Leveah Puffy Pussy Play

Sweet southern girl Lacey Leveah grew up in a pretty strict home, so she didn’t get much of a chance to really explore the wild side that had been hiding inside of her for years. "My parents are pretty old-fashioned so I grew up thinking that girls shouldn’t really enjoy being sexual, at least not until we get married. In fact, if my parents had their way, I’d still be a virgin!" she laughs. "But once I had sex for the first time, I knew something in me had really changed. I love everything about sex… with guys AND girls!" Although Lacey didn’t tell us how many guys she’s had sex with, she did admit that she’s been with three girls. "In fact, my ultimate fantasy is to have a big slumber party with a bunch of hot girls. And we all have to bring a strap-on," she giggles. "And we’d all be using them on each other at once, like in one big strap-on sex circle," she adds, glancing off in the distance as if she’s picturing it at that very moment. I know I was! That would be a sight to see, that’s for sure! Lacey gets comfortable on the bed, wearing a tiny denim skirt with her cream-colored panties peeking out.

Lacey takes her time as she poses for the camera, slowly removing her clothing one item at a time and clearly enjoying the attention. By the time she has her skirt and panties off, I can see that her pussy is already moist. She pulled her yellow tank top down around her waist, exposing her soft ripe tits. Jumping up from the bed, Lacey turns and puts her leg up on the mattress and bends over just enough to make sure her puffy pussy is displayed below her hot little ass. I love the way her pussy lips protrude from between her legs. They’re the kind of pussy lips that enjoy being nibbled and sucked. In fact, Lacey had told us during her interview, "I love my pussy! I think it’s really pretty." I’m certainly not going to argue with that… Lacey does have a pretty pink pussy indeed!

After she settled back down on the bed, Lacey reached under her pillow and brought out a Magic Wand vibrator. "I don’t use this thing very often. It gives me the most intense orgasms ever, but honestly I don’t really use vibrators very often." She sort of blushed a little when she added "I’m always worried that they might make me lose some sensitivity in my clit." I’m not sure if her concerns are valid or not, but either way, I’m glad she’s making an exception for us. The moment she touches the powerful toy to her overly sensitive clit, she lets out a giggle. "It tickles! But a good kind of tickle," she says, laughing. Then she grew serious and got to work on her pussy, rubbing the vibe in circles over her clit and down to her wet hole and back up to her clit. To see just how hard Lacey cums from her toy, go to where you can find and download the whole naughty set in high resolution.

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Tonya Cock Craving Cutie

Petite cutie Tonya is a naughty 19 year old from Russia. Although she loves modelling, her real ambition is to become a flight attendant so she can travel and see the world. "I want to have sex in every country I visit. And I’ve never left Russia so I have a lot of fucking to do," she jokes. For now though, we are happy to have her posing naked for us. Her tight body is half naked before long, and she kneels on the floor in nothing but a tiny pink mini-skirt. Her perky tits and exposed obviously enjoying the attention.

Tonya slips her white thong panties off from under her skirt and continues posing, lifting her skirt for an erotic tease. Next, her skirt comes off and she hops onto the dining room table, her naked ass pressed against the cool glass. Tonya is an expert at moving from one position to another without ever exposing her bald pussy, as if she enjoys the thrill of the tease even more than the full-on revealing poses. I have to agree that there’s something very erotic about leaving that little bit to the imagination, as she proves by this photo of her reclined on the table with her shapely legs held up in front of her. This picture really shows off how toned her body is… barely an ounce of fat on her but still maintaining a shapely and feminine figure.

Once she’s done with her sexy tease, Tonya gets on her hands and knees on the table, bent over at an angle that gives a perfect view of her tight little ass. She arches her back and pushes her butt out, and now her fresh pink pussy is displayed to the camera as well. Tonya’s super-tight asshole compliments her 19 year old pussy perfectly… both tight holes beckoning for a tongue to explore them. She had told us earlier that she’s never had a dick in her ass but it’s on her list of things she’s eager to try. "Actually, my biggest fantasy is to have sex with like three guys at once so I can have all of my holes filled at the same time." If that ever happens, I just hope she gets it on camera cuz even I would pay to see that! To see more of this cock-craving cutie, go to, updated daily and always fresh.

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Molly Bennett Sheer Lingerie

18 year old Molly Bennett has always been one of the popular girls. She was a cheerleader in high school and dated some of the cutest boys in school, but surprisingly, until she started adult modelling as a career, Molly was practically a virgin. "I’d only had sex once before I started have sex on camera. It was pretty awful," she confided to us before we started shooting. "That’s probably the biggest reason I love my job, because I get to be with men. I can’t stand all the bull-shit that comes with high school boys. Give me a real man any day!" I suddenly find myself wishing we had set up a hardcore photo shoot for her, but that’s okay. I’m certainly not complaining about just getting to see this hot little nymphet naked.

Molly looks absolutely angelic today, with her long golden curls falling over her shoulders and down her chest. Her smile gets double-takes everywhere she goes, and her huge blue-gray eyes have a way of sucking you in, drawing you all the way into her soul. The outfit she is wearing today is just the cherry on top – a sheer lace nightie with a loose robe that drapes her curvy body. If you look closely, you can see Molly’s tiny pink nipples peeking through the sheer fabric like a bashful kitten. Molly slowly removes her robe while we snap dozens of sexy photos. She slides the straps of her nightie off of her shoulders and tucks her fingertips inside the fabric of her top. Teasingly, Molly lowers her lace top, exposing a pair of breath-stopping boobies. "Perfection" is the first word that pops into my head. Her ripe tits are supple and perky, so round and full with perfectly pink tiny nipples that grow hard as soon as they are freed from the fabric.

Molly finished removing the sheer lingerie, tossing it aside and standing up so we could really get a good look at her hot body. Her creamy smooth skin looks so soft, almost silky and I bet it would taste so sweet on my tongue. I thought her tits were perfection, but her pussy is more than perfection. Is there even a word for "better than perfect"? Whatever it is, it describes Molly’s little pink twat to a T. Shaved smooth and so tight. This girl looks like she’s never even been used before, like a porcelain doll kept in her box on a shelf and only brought out to admire and show off to friends. I can’t help but wonder if her tiny pussy has really been broken in yet, and suddenly my mind is a jumbled mess of all the things I would do to that sweet piece of heaven between her legs if I had the chance. You can see so much more of Molly and her tight, hot body at, bringing you fresh new girls every week.

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